This Art Fair Amsterdam

This Art Fair Amsterdam

Jul 07, 2022Jul 10, 2022
Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP

Showcasing unseen and up-and-coming talents in addition to well-known artists, This Art Fair, based in Amsterdam, demonstrates the diversity of the visual arts to a broad audience!

About This Art Fair

Previously called Art in Redlight, This Art Fair is an Amsterdam-based art fair offering a platform for talented artists to independently show and sell their works - with or without a gallery. More than 120 artists will present their work, and additionally, a few galleries will present talented artists in solo and duo presentations.

The fair will include not only art exhibits but also music, performance, debates, fashion, design and more. Although their focus is on the visual arts, with sculptures and paintings exhibited throughout the spaces of the Kromhouthal, This Art Fair also forms partnerships with organisations showing other art disciplines, like photography, video, textile, product design and mixed media.

Fostering independence for artists

This Art Fair contributes to the economic independence of artists and enhances cultural entrepreneurship and expertise. In doing so, This Art Fair offers an alternative to the traditional business models in the art world, in which galleries and art dealers typically play an essential role.

Plan your visit to This Art Fair

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