Art Amsterdam Spui Market

Art Amsterdam Spui Market

Mar 01, 2023Dec 31, 2023
11am-6pm every Sunday

Right in the centre of Amsterdam on the tree-lined picturesque Spui Square you'll find the Art Amsterdam Spui Market each Sunday, where you can expect a variety of high-quality art. This open-air art market runs on Sundays from March until the end of December.

Open-air art event every Sunday

Art Amsterdam Spui Market has been in operation since 1988. Around 27 professional artists exhibit their latest work, such as paintings, drawing, etchings, bronze figures, photography, ceramics and handmade jewellery. The Art Amsterdam Spui Market is a very special addition to the wide variety of art fairs and markets in the Netherlands.

The market is organised by the artists themselves. The foundation that runs the market was founded by a group of artists over 30 years ago. They were looking for an opportunity to show and sell their work without the intermediary of a gallery or museum.

Every artwork and artist has a story to tell

Personal contact between the artist and the public was and still is a very important aspect of the artistic existence. At the Art Amsterdam Spui Market you can meet the artists and listen to their stories. This exchange is equally pleasing for both artist and visitors. Although a relatively small market, the excellence and quality of the exposed works of art is outstanding.

Quality guaranteed

The quality of the art on display at the market is guaranteed by a system of balloting: the members of the foundation decide whether the artwork of an aspiring artist is relevant for continuing at the art market's level of excellence.

The foundation has over 60 members and the art market offers a stand to 27 artists at a time. A rotation system ensures that every Sunday different artists are present. Frequent visitors to the Art Amsterdam Spui Market find a broad variety of different artists each time.

International artists and art-lovers unite

The international character of the foundation is what makes this place even more special. Alongside the many Dutch artists, there are also artists originally from France, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, USA, Latvia and many more countries.

This makes the Art Amsterdam Spui Market not only a place where the public meets the artist, but also a place where different nationalities and backgrounds meet and inspire each other. Besides, the Art Amsterdam Spui Market welcomes visitors from all over the world, contributing to the lively and interesting atmosphere of the event.    

Plan your visit to the Art Amsterdam Spui Market

Visit the Art Amsterdam Spui Market on Spui Square. It's open every Sunday between 11am and 6pm.

Spui Square is also a hotspot of rich cultural and historical significance, so you can combine your visit with other activities! Nearby you can find the famous Beginhof, Maagdenhuis, Lieverdje and the Amsterdam Museum. The best bookshops of Amsterdam are located at the square, including, the American Book Centre and the Athenium.

Streets with small shops are located on the plaza, as well as bigger shops on Kalverstraat. And for those who love flower bulbs, there is the famous Flower Market just a stone's throw away. If a visit to the art market and its surrounding area makes you thirsty and hungry, you will be in for a treat with many cafes and restaurants located around the Spui.