Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Sep 07, 2023Sep 17, 2023
30 euros for a day pass, various prices for shows and combination tickets

Visit the festival on the brink of reality: the Amsterdam Fringe Festival for 11 days at 27 locations with more than 250 shows!!

Complementing the Dutch Theatre Festival in Amsterdam, the festival presents the works of more than 80 theatre groups at the creative margins of the performance art world. From themes like gender fluidity to "black is the new black," this event strives to bring out voices that might not have already been heard at conventional events. 

Fringe & avant-garde performance

Based on similar festivals seen in major cities such as Edinburgh, Adelaide and New York, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival is a welcome supplement to the Dutch Theatre Festival. While the Dutch Theatre Festival tends to lean towards highlighting established theatre troupes and performances, the Fringe Festival looks to present more experimental, boundary-breaking masterpieces.

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival programme presents is 11 days of performances, live art, (music) theatre, dance and unbridled energy. dozens of different performances in various venues light up Amsterdam in culture and art.

The festival ventures off the official and conventional paths, exploring and stimulating artists based on what they have to offer now, rather than what their portfolios say. Unlike other festivals, this one works through an open registration policy, providing a platform for artists who may have otherwise been unable to showcase their work. 

The festival is large: 54 theatre groups perform more than 250 shows in 27 locations over the course of 11 days, so there's lots to choose from. Approximately half of the performances are billed as "language no problem" meaning you won't have to rely on your Dutch to enjoy them. 

Plan your visit to Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Go to the Amsterdam Fringe Festival website where you can plan your visit and book your tickets in advance. It costs 30 euros for a day pass, while there are various prices for shows and combination tickets.