IN Amsterdam - Family affairs in the Netherlands

IN Amsterdam - Family affairs in the Netherlands

Nov 23, 2023
Free (registration required)

Find out how to make the most of the Dutch system at the IN Amsterdam - Family affairs in the Netherlands seminar, which will feature info on relocation specialists, maternity care and legal experts geared towards families.

Whether you’re looking for advice about relocating to the Netherlands, finding a family lawyer, or wondering how Dutch midwives work, IN Amsterdam’s partners are experts in working with international residents. During this free seminar, they will explain essentials you need to know and answer your family-related questions.

Family affairs in the Netherlands: What to expect at the event

Relocating is extra challenging when the move involves the whole family. On top of finding a new home and settling into a new job, you need to consider childcare and schools for your children, plus official matters and healthcare.

And if you’re planning to have a baby in the Netherlands, you will need to familiarise yourself with the system of maternity and neonatal care, which may be different from what you know. Come along to this special in-person information event, where experts will cover everything you need to know to ensure the well-being of your family in the Netherlands - now and in the future.   

This relocation, legal and maternity care event takes place in person at the IN Amsterdam offices for newcomers not only to the city of Amsterdam but also those new to the Amsterdam area. Sign up for the free event now!

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Seminar topics

Here's a brief overview of the topics that will be discussed at the seminar:

Relocation specialists from Expat Help will give an overview of the settling-in process

The relocation specialists will give an overview of the settling-in process for children, cover some of the logistics such as school holiday rules, explain how extracurricular activities for kids such as sports and music lessons work and where to find them, and share their tips for kid-friendly activities, venues and restaurants. 

Maternity care in the Netherlands by Witsenkade Midwives

Learn about and discuss all the services and other information around planning and having a baby in the Netherlands. 

Legal experts from Fam Advocaten will offer advice on Dutch law relating to family issues    

Find out about the laws in the Netherlands relating to family issues such as parental recognition and parental authority, marriage, divorce, child maintenance, pension, inheritance and other related areas. 

Reserve your place

The IN Amsterdam - Family affairs in the Netherlands event is free of charge, but registration is necessary. Register on the IN Amsterdam website to secure your place.