Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Apr 04, 2024Apr 06, 2024
Gashouder, Westergas, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD
Tickets from 15 euros

Complete with a coffee mixologist competition, a live latte art spectacle and coffee-tasting together with well-paired foods, it's one of the tastiest and most alluring festivals in Amsterdam this spring! Taste, smell and enjoy one of the world's most popular hot drinks at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival!

Dedicated to coffee

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is an event dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate. A variety of coffee brands are represented by professional roasters, expert baristas and true coffee lovers, giving coffee aficionados the opportunity to discover the latest trends in taste, aroma and presentation.

The festival attracts about 12.500 visitors each year. It is an absolute must for coffee lovers and specialists in the coffee industry.

Thursday and Friday are aimed at selected professionals in the business. Thereafter, all visitors and coffee fans from far and wide can enjoy the best coffees in the world during the weekend. This year’s Amsterdam Coffee Festival takes place at the Westergas in Amsterdam.

Highlights of Amsterdam Coffee Festival

During the festival, you can follow different workshops about coffee, tea and food pairings, and there will be music and art on show. Previous weekends included interesting activities such as:

Roast Masters Competition

During four rounds, some of the best roasters will compete in eight different disciplines of coffee creation. Roasters will go head-to-head brewing filter coffee, making espressos and much more. The competition can get intense and is full of excitement that you don't want to miss!

Latte Art Live

In previous editions, the world’s best latte artists came together to show off their skills in Latte Art Live. Professionals compete against amateurs during informal Latte Art Throwdowns. Would you like to create a beautiful latte yourself? Learn from the latte masters at one of the interactive masterclasses.

The Workshop

Separated from the festival buzz, check out exclusive coffee experiences by adding them to your ticket. There are coffee and wine tastings, learning to brew teas like a pro and exploring coffee and chocolate pairings - these spots will fill up fast so be sure to book yours ahead of time!

Food and drink

While you can never have too much coffee, filling your stomach with some delicious meals will surely help. Luckily, there is a street food market at the festival with cuisine that packs a flavour punch. From pancakes to curry - there's something for everyone. 

It can get pretty busy at the festival, so why not sit down and have a drink at The Fields. There is a central bar where you can grab a cocktail and listen to the coolest DJs.

Buy your tickets

Plan your visit to Amsterdam Coffee Festival and buy your tickets online. Tickets are available on the Amsterdam Coffee Festival website.