Amsterdam Bodypaint Art

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art

Jul 27, 2019
Artists and models donate 30 euros (free for spectators)

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art is a colourful event where the human body simply transforms into a blank canvas! Artists of various skill levels will paint on human bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages!

Freedom of expression

What Amsterdam Bodypaint Art promotes is freedom of expression without limits. This is particularly meaningful for all artists and models collaborating on the creation of bodypaint works of art. The event does not require full nudity, so bodypaint models are free to participate with whatever degree of nudity they are comfortable with.

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art canal

For the six-hour event, humans come together in Amsterdam and celebrate the fact that we came into the world unclothed and you don't have to be wearing clothes to be adorning a masterpiece.

There will be competitions for the best amateur bodypaint artists and for the best professional bodypaint artist. Whether you are a professional artist or a model, it doesn’t matter. There will be bodies of all shapes and sizes and painting skills will be as varied as the event will be colourful! 

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art, music, food and an afterparty

The event will be accompanied by live music and there will be food and drinks available for all. The event welcomes movie-makers, photographers, writers and any members of the media.

Reserve your place

The organisers welcome artists and models to participate. You can secure your place on the Amsterdam Bodypaint Art event page. All artists and models pay 30 euros.

Amsterdam Bodypaint Art poster