Win two double tickets to HORROR by Jakop Ahlbom in Amsterdam & Utrecht!

IamExpat offers two double tickets to the new performance piece HORROR by Jakop Ahlbom in Amsterdam & Utrecht! 

To participate, leave a comment below telling us why you'd like to attend and for which city! 



  • Date & Time: February 20 | 8.30pm
  • Venue: De Meervart (Meer en vaart 300)
  • Find more information here.


  • Date & Time: February 26 | 8pm
  • Venue: Stadsschouwburg (Lucasbolwerk 24)
  • Find more information here.

HORROR: a thriller brought to life

The latest creation from theatre maker Jakop Ahlbom, HORROR centres on the tragic history of a single family. All have mysteriously disappeared, but the youngest sibling remains.  When the girl returns to her old family house, she is confronted by her own repressed memories and the gruesome truth is revealed to both her and the audience. 

Drawing upon classics of the genre, HORROR successfully manages to incorporate the feelings of suspense and thrills seen in the world of cinema. Shocking effects, elaborate make-up and startling set elements contribute to a real-time horror performance with all the fear and angst found in classics like The Shining, The Ring and The Exorcist!

Jakop Ahlbom's distinct brand of theatre

Jakop Ahlbom arrived in the Netherlands from Sweden in the early 1990s. After working with various performance and creative groups, he decided to begin making his own independent productions.  Marked by the use of interactive set elements, highly physical acting and an interdisciplinary mix of mime, dance, illusion and slapstick, Ahlbom is able to tell narratives that engage audiences through a unique visual language. 

Known for performances such as Vielfalt, Innenschau, Lebensraum, Life: A User's Manual and Bug, HORROR is a theatrical take on the films that had inspired him since youth. In combination with a strong plot, Ahlbom's theatre style works incredibly well in building suspense and capturing the intense emotions of HORROR.

Please note: Ticket competition winners are announced on the closing date. The competition is for 1x2 tickets for Amsterdam and 1x2 tickets for Utrecht. Remember to check this page or your IamExpat inbox to see if you've been selected!

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