Win nine double tickets to the Brakke Grond music events in April!

Brakke Grond offers nine double tickets to three selected music events in April, during the HACK/PLAY month! 

To participate, leave a comment below telling us which event you would like to attend and why!

Triggers & Thresholds

April 4, 8.30pm
The Jens Maurits Orchestra plays Triggers & Thresholds; a jazzy musical jam result of research into the evolution of music, exploring scientific stats about how our brains respond to music.

The performance is a musical fable to awaken our appetites for knowledge and experimenting, by playing on our inner computers, transforming tunes into chattering birds, grumbling apes or neurons right inside our heads.


April 15, 8.30pm
Choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz head into a dialogue between deconstructed 80’s disco beats and classical ballet attitude and techniques, in a world of glitter and glamour. The result is a double solo, woven into one performance.

Discografie was created specifically for ex-royal ballet performer Rob Fordeyn, who shapes their combined stories through dance, with great attention to stillness and mystery.

Sonic Soirée #33

April 16, 8.30pm
Sonic Soirée #33 is a monthly search for bands that rise above the Lowlands. In April, three bands explore the experimental, the exotic and the humorous.

Tin Men and the Telephone is a piano trio that plays modern classical music, hip-hop, Balkan and jazz. Dijf Sanders plays self-assembled musical instruments with an exotic flavour, and Kenji Minogue presents an out-of-this-world show full of kitsch, humour and electroclash.

De Brakke Grond

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond is a Flemish culture centre in the middle of the theatre district on the Nes in Amsterdam. The centre aims to bring in exceptional art from Flanders (Vlaanderen), promoting artistic daring and mutual inspiration between the Netherlands and Belgium.

Please note: Ticket competition winners are announced on the closing date. Each winner will receive one double ticket to their selected performance. Remember to check this page or your IamExpat inbox to see if you've been selected!

Marc van Ruxt (Discografie)
Photo by Yaymond Mallentjer

Tin Men and the Telephone (Sonic Soiree #33)
Photo by Johnny van Bergen

All Photos: Courtesy of Brakke Grond Tin men and the Telephone


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