Win five double tickets to Hotel Night in Amsterdam, Rotterdam & The Hague!

IamExpat offers five double tickets to the Hotel Night in Amsterdam, Rotterdam & The Hague!

To participate, leave a comment below telling us why you'd like to win and for which city you'd like to attend! 

Dates & cities

  • Jan 17-18 | Amsterdam | Info
  • Jan 17-18 | The Hague | Info
  • Jan 17-18 | Rotterdam | Info

Hotel Night: tourist in your own city

In the past years, the Netherlands has seen a sharp increase in the amount of hotels opening to accommodate the growth in the number of tourists. 

As great as the new choice is for visitors, hotels are typically regarded as bastions of transience in cities that locals either ignore or have little to look for aside from the occasional bar or restaurant visit. 

However, the concept of Hotel Night by HBMEO has attempted to mitigate this effect. The idea was quite simple: use the downtime in tourist season (January) and offer local residents the chance to stay at the hotels for sharply discounted prices. 

This way, locals will not only have a great "staycation," but also have a chance to see what's inside the hotels of their city. Although it began simple, the Hotel Night has since expanded to include three cities and an entire weekend of entertainment and side events. 

With nearly 40 hotels participating in Amsterdam, around 20 in The Hague and 15 in Rotterdam, the range of options is spectacular. From luxury to budget, the spectrum of amenities in each city is fully represented.  One of the conditions to book a room is that you must be a registered resident of the municipality. However, the side-programme activities are open to everyone!

Participating hotels & agendas

Please note: Ticket competition winners are announced on the closing date. The tickets are valid for both January 17 & 18 for the programme of activities, but do NOT include a hotel stayThere will be 3 winners for Amsterdam, 1 for The Hague & 1 for Rotterdam. Remember to check this page or your IamExpat inbox to see if you've been selected!


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