Win a 20 hour improvised comedy course

For one of our readers, IamExpat offers an Improvised Comedy Course in English worth 180 euros! It is organised by easylaughs and takes place in Amsterdam.

To participate, simply make a comment below, telling why do you want to participate and how do you plan to use the gained knowledge!

Course: Improvisation Level 1 - Learn To Improvise

Participants will develop all the basic skills of improvisation with emphasis on beginning moments, object work and physical activity on stage. The classes are very active - every (performance) game or exercise will be practised by everyone, so everyone has a chance to get up and play. Participants will also learn individual performance and presentation skills and how to work in a team.


  • Dates: April 4 - May 30
  • Time: Mondays, 8pm - 10.30pm
  • Length: 8 Weeks (20 hours)
  • Student Performance: Friday, June 3
  • Location: Jeugdtheater de Krakeling, Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 1, 1016 XP, Amsterdam 

About Improvised Comedy Courses

Easylaughs offers comedy improvisation courses in English for all levels of experience. The classes are taught by talented improvisers with years of experience teaching improvisation. All regular classes have a student performance at the end of the class in front of a real audience as part of the easylaughs Friday night improv show in Amsterdam (Masterclasses generally do not include a graduation show.)

Classes are run at the weekend and on weekday evenings and unless stated otherwise, at the Crea. Everyone who takes an regular easylaughs course is entitled to free standby entry to all easylaughs shows for the duration of the course.

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