IamExpat Stichting

IamExpat Stichting is a cultural foundation that has been created to support internationals in the Netherlands through non-profit projects and events.

No matter where you come from, how old you are or what your circumstances are, setting up life in a new country is full of challenges.

The foundation’s main aim, therefore, is to facilitate the transition and integration of internationals of all backgrounds and ages into Dutch culture, society and language.

Connection and integration

From our experience as a web platform providing information to the international community for over six years, we realised that there is a great need to connect Dutch people with internationals living in the Netherlands. This is to both help the process of integration and also to foster tolerance and understanding.

Very often locals and internationals do not mix easily and we want to bridge that gap through cultural and artistic projects, informal meetings and debates, events and knowledge sharing.

Exploring expat issues

To achieve such goals, IamExpat Stichting provides information and organises events and cultural projects, exploring topics such as:

  • Being a foreigner in a new country.
  • Learning to understand and embrace a new culture and language.
  • Connecting people with shared experiences.
  • Creating a sense of belonging, that you are part of a bigger community.
  • Bridging the gap between locals and internationals.
  • Knowledge sharing to support others.
  • Exploring the expat identity: what does it mean to be a foreigner, an international or a migrant?

Helping integration

By helping internationals to understand the Dutch way of life, we aim to help them settle into the Netherlands and to feel at home. We also hope to strengthen the community by bringing expats and locals closer together.

The expat experience

IamExpat Stichting intends to play an active and increasingly involved role in the international community in the Netherlands by sharing expertise, resources and stories to help to make the expat experience as inspiring and empowering as possible.

Contact details

IamExpat Stichting is founded and supported by, the main information and communication platform for the English-speaking community in the Netherlands.