Room in Voorburg, Heeswijkstraat

750€ per

Available from: 24 May 2024
Offered by Housing Anywhere
Heeswijkstraat, 2275 EA
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Your Passage to Tranquil Living in Voorburg Awaits!

Welcome to your future home, a charming sanctuary in Voorburg that promises more than just a place to stay – it offers a lifestyle. Nestled on 'Heeswijkstraat,' our beautifully furnished apartment is more than a residence; it's an invitation to a vibrant community.

Discover Your Home:

Your personal haven is a furnished room in our expansive 80m2 apartment. Located on the second floor, the room offers a tranquil garden view and convenient access to the balcony.

Shared Spaces, Shared Stories:
Embrace the joy of shared living with three other tenants, all adults pursuing their careers or studies. Our cosy apartment fosters a sense of community, making it an ideal place for those looking for more than just a roof over their heads.

Safety and Connectivity:
Your safety is our priority. Surveillance cameras at the front and back ensure a secure living environment.
Stay connected with wireless internet while enjoying shared amenities like a refrigerator, freezer, and an induction cooker.

Comfort in Every Detail:
Your room is thoughtfully furnished with a single bed, a desk, a chair, and a wardrobe, providing a cosy space to unwind.

Explore Voorburg:
Immerse yourself in the historical charm of Voorburg, where quiet streets meet vibrant neighbourhoods. Ideal for concentration, it's perfect for both work and study.
Conveniently located near Haagse Hogeschool, KPN, T-Mobile, and other organizations, it's a short bike ride from the city centre, with easy access to public transport.

Local Charms:

The district is bustling with activity – shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, a swimming pool, a library, and parks. All your daily needs, from supermarkets to hospitals, are within reach, complemented by the proximity to Voorburg train station.

Simple Costs, Clear Rules: All contact and payment details are to be finalized on the same day of booking.

Paying is easy; the deposit is 1x the monthly rent, and additional costs €1200 / non-refundable/one-off payment for furniture, upholstery, internet, contract and utilities.

Our house rules are straightforward: maintain hygiene, use headphones for musical instruments, and respect a quiet environment. No visitors, smoking, or pets.

Join Our Community:
Registration is allowed, and when you decide to make this space your own, provide essential documents – proof of identity, registration with an educational institution, and/or proof of employment.

Tell Us Your Story:
Let us know who you are! A short description – your nationality, age, education/work details, hobbies, and budget – helps us create a harmonious living environment.

Seamless Booking:
Please note that HousingAnywhere is an online booking platform, and exchanging contact details or offering viewings is not possible. If you're interested or have any questions, send us a booking request or a message.

University-educated international students and expats, your new home in Voorburg awaits!

Reserve your room now, and let tranquillity be the setting for your next adventure!
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