House in Schiedam, Kievitslaan

680€ per

Surface: 120 m2
Bedrooms: 1
Available From: 23 February 2024
Offered by Housing Anywhere
Kievitslaan, 3121 XG
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The property has 5 rooms available plus a large American style living-room, fireplace and kitchen, with a beautiful spacious interior garden, and a cosy veranda and garden in the front.

Every room is assigned a colour (green, blue, purple, orange and yellow).
The green room is located on the ground floor and has two separate entrances, through the courtyard and the adjacent laundry room of the house. The communal living room, kitchen, 2 toilets and shower room are only accessible through the courtyard or main entrance of the house.

The house is kept clean by a housekeeper who maintains a calm and positive energy throughout the home. Fresh flowers are provided twice a month to enhance the soothing atmosphere.

The property is located in a quiet, clean and friendly neighbourhood close to a near-by park that is connected to the city centre. Free parking is available.

The renovated house has charm and personality. Relax in the garden. Only 2 minutes from nature trails and parks. You are near shopping center in Schiedam and fairly close to Rotterdam town-centre, as well.

Positive interaction between residents is encouraged in this communal living space. Professional cleanings are conducted twice a month to ensure impeccable sanitation. If you value cleanliness and comfort in a quiet community, look no further than this wonderful stylish home.

Stay active by visiting the gym only 5 minutes away.
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