House in Goirle, Thomas van Diessenstraat

725€ per

Bedrooms: 1
Available From: 04 July 2023
Offered by Housing Anywhere
Thomas van Diessenstraat, 5051 RK
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First: If you look down all the way the page of the listing you can see :....calender and full availability!!
Also clicking on the picture of my head, gives you other rooms in the same house, for rent.
I trye and answer all reactions personally.

There are 2 shoppingcentres near each at 500m from here (2 Albert Heijns...). Goirle has everyhing you need... The forest is 300m from here, with the Belgian border nearbye (cheap petrol etc.). The bus to the university is at 350m from here. Or you can go by bike. It is 6,8km to Univ (but by peddlebike shorter)

Most people live in Goirle for its tranquility, green looks. Carparking is free. We are the village with many sportsclubs, cultural clubs and events. Popcentre 013 is 7km from here, and southcentres of Tilburg 4 km's. BKS and Woohah is 6,2 by road.

My property goes up in price either 1 jan each year (up to 7% depending on 'inflation')
I trye put it up when room is empty. Ask me about it.

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