Room in Deventer, G.J. Leonard Ankersmitlaan

404€ per

Room size: 18 m2
Interior: No
Registration: Not possible
Available from: 03 September 2018
G.J. Leonard Ankersmitlaan, 7411AS
Not allowed
Not allowed
Per 01-08-2018 Domica offers 39 brand new fully furnished studios in Deventer! (Short stay contract)

Great news for those who are looking for housing in the beautiful city of Deventer. Camelot Europe is building the Campus IJsseldal in Deventer. The campus has two buildings. The two buildings will have a total of 89 furnished studio’s, all with a private bathroom and kitchen. A paid laundry area is also available in one of the buildings.

Campus IJsseldal is located on a 3 minute bike ride from Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The center of Deventer can be found on a 5 minute bike ride. In the center you can find shops as H&M, Douglas, Game Mania, and the like. A sport school is just a 10 minute walk away. Feel like dancing? The nightlife is also on walking distance!

The contracts will be based on short stay. This means that if you have the Dutch nationality you can live here up to 6 months. If you don't have the Dutch nationality, you can live here up to 12 months. After this period the contract ends and extension will not be possible.

Price structure:
Basic rent: €404
Service costs €90, -
Furnishing costs: €50, -
Total rent: €544, -
- Housing allowance (if you qualify for this, check https://www. belastingdienst. nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontentnl/belastingdienst/prive/toeslagen/huurtoeslag/huurtoeslag-2018/voorwaarden-2018/voorwaarden-huurtoeslag-2018) €192, -
Your rent: €352, -

Other costs to take into account:
- Service subscription € 7.95 p/m.

The one-off costs are:
- Start up costs, including access to MyCastle Portal €202,50 -
- Proffesional end cleaning of private studio €100,-
- Linen package €120, -
- Kitchen package €75, -
- Deposit: €2000,- (You will get this back at the end of your stay under the condition that you leave your studio in good order).

NOTE: these studios are only available for students or employees who are affiliated with an educational institution.

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