World first: 3D printed houses in Eindhoven

World first: 3D printed houses in Eindhoven

In the not too distant future, namely 2019, you will be able to see the first 3D-printed house in the world pop-up in Eindhoven. This house will be built from concrete and will have come straight from the printer.

Liveable, affordable printed houses

To make the 3D-printed houses a reality, TU Eindhoven and the municipality of Eindhoven, along with the businesses Van Wijen, Vesteda, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix and Witteveen+Bos, are working together on project Milestone. During this project, five houses will be printed, one after the other so that the feedback of those living in the houses can be applied to the next printed house.

There are 3D-printed houses all over the world, but what makes these houses a world first is that they will actually be lived in. Therefore, the houses must comply with building regulations and the requirements of the occupants, such as layout, comfort, quality and affordability. The first 3D-printed house will only consist of one floor, and will be printed off-site. The companies working on this project hope to print the last house, consisting of three floors, on-site.

The architecture bureau Houben / Van Mierlo designed the 3D-printed houses, taking inspiration from boulders in a green landscape. The structures will thus feature asymmetry and rounded edges. Inhabitants need not worry about getting furniture to fit though, as the walls inside will be straight. The houses are to be built in the green neighbourhood of Bosrijk.

Shaking up the Dutch building sector

According to the parties involved, 3D-printed houses could be a game-changer for the building industry in the Netherlands. 3D-printing houses is not only, quicker, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, it also allows for more freedom of form, resulting in houses that would otherwise be very labour intensive.

Should everything go as planned, the first 3D-printed house will be habitable and ready to rent mid-2019. For more information visit the 3D-printed house website.

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