Why you should buy a home in Eindhoven

Why you should buy a home in Eindhoven

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Are you interested in buying a house in Eindhoven? Did you know that you can cut costs by using a flat fee service such as to sort out your mortgage?

The rental housing market in Eindhoven hit the world’s headlines last year when tenants moved into Europe’s first 3D printed house. But if you are looking to buy a house in Eindhoven, now may be the right time to take the plunge.

Lured in

Eindhoven is the fifth-biggest city in the Netherlands with a population of some 230.000 people, and it is growing in popularity among the international community thanks to its design-driven, high-tech industry. Eindhoven is, after all, the birthplace of electronics giant Philips, is home to one of the Netherlands’ most successful football teams (PSV), and houses the ground-breaking Van Abbemuseum art and design centre.

More international workers are moving in, lured by the region’s growing tech and science industries, as well as the quality of life. So, what about the local housing market?

Rent or buy

According to figures from rental housing platform Pararius, rental prices in the Eindhoven region rose 11,7 percent in the last quarter of 2021, taking the square metre price to 15,76 euros, or over 1.100 euros a month for a 70 square metre home. But that monthly payment would get you a pretty decent property if you decided to buy a house in Eindhoven instead.

A quick look at website, for example, shows there are almost 900 houses currently on the market in Eindhoven itself. For 420.000 euros, you can pick up a neat, brick terraced home with four bedrooms and a sunny garden in a family-friendly street. And you can still buy a spacious starter flat in the Oud-Gestel district, not far from the High Tech Campus, for under 300.000 euros.

Rural charm

More expensive homes with big gardens can be found in the leafy suburb of De Laak, where Anton Philips, from the electronics family, built his home in 1907. But if you fancy a more rural location, Eindhoven is surrounded by pretty towns and villages as well. Waalre and Son en Breugel are near forests with plenty of space for walking and cycling, while Nuenen is where Vincent van Gogh lived for a time, and painted the Potato Eaters. Eersel is another picturesque village with a charming old centre.

This combination of city life and rural charm has only made the region more popular, and the local market has seen considerable movement in recent months. Property prices might be rising, but the city council has already stepped in to ensure that you can still find affordable homes to buy, and has followed Amsterdam and other cities taking steps to stop investors buying up cheaper properties to rent out. The measure will apply to all housing with an official valuation (WOZ) of below 350.000 euros, or some 62 percent of the city’s owner-occupied housing.


“A house should be a home in a neighbourhood where you feel comfortable and safe, and where you know the neighbours,” says city housing chief Yasis Torunoglu.

Holland Expat Centre South, based in the heart of the city, runs regular seminars to help new arrivals who want to buy a home as one of a wide range of services to help newcomers settle in. COVID-19 restrictions permitting, the centre will resume its monthly welcome evenings in March. The centre also has a list of approved real estate agents who know the local market well and can help you find the Eindhoven home of your dreams.

Nevertheless, in Eindhoven too, the same basic rules apply, and you need to be prepared to act quickly if you find what you are looking for!

Preparing to act quickly means working out how much you can spend, organising the paperwork and sorting out your mortgage in advance, using an online service such as


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