Why now is the perfect time to take out a mortgage in the Netherlands

Why now is the perfect time to take out a mortgage in the Netherlands


With a new year arriving soon, lots of things are changing within the housing market. But the one thing that stays the same is that expert help is invaluable when an expat decides to buy a house. In the past year, the Netherlands has seen interest rates for mortgages more than triple.

Expat Mortgages provides clients with specialised advice to help them find their dream home

At the start of the year, the rate was 1,5 percent and it has now increased to a more normal 4 or 5 percent. This means that houses that used to be snapped up in days now sit on the market for weeks and new build is suddenly less attractive.

This circumstance can provide real opportunities for expat buyers, who typically have a higher salary and are prepared to invest more of their savings in a property than the cautious Dutch.

The value of a housing expert

But in times like these, it is even more important to take the advice of experts in this market – even if you have bought property in other countries and have a strong head for investments. What kind of mortgage deal will suit your family best? How can you maximise the tax breaks for mortgages in the Dutch system? What should you look out for in a Dutch property? Your assumptions might be completely wrong for the Dutch market, after all.

An expert mortgage broker like Expat Mortgages can look at what is best for your personal situation - factoring in what you can afford - and find mortgage deals you may not know about.

Important questions to ask when considering a mortgage

Did you know that a mortgage can be split in various ways? One part could be fixed for a longer time, for instance, and another could be ready to switch to a new rate if a better deal emerges.

It also might be possible to borrow more money if you don’t take a repayment loan. However, will your mortgage be less affordable because you then lose mortgage interest rate tax relief?

The professional advisers at Expat Mortgages can go through all of these questions with you. And when you are sure of what you can borrow, the process is not only less stressful for you: you are also a much more solid prospect for a seller, when other offers might fall through.

Experts for expats

Expat Mortgages also boasts a network of other experts who can help you: no-nonsense, trustworthy real estate agents, insurance brokers, surveyors and building experts who can assess rebuild costs and sustainability improvements. In addition, they have a new look and website, but their values are the same. They are determined to have a personal approach, establish connections with clients, and share their expertise.

When it comes to the challenges of a falling market, changing interest rates and lending norms, Expat Mortgages rises to the occasion and give personalised advice for every client’s situation.

Expat Mortgages’ mission is to help thousands of people buy a home for themselves and their families and to make a good investment for their futures. Their motto is to "open new doors in life".

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