Where can you find the best internet subscription offers in the Netherlands?

Where can you find the best internet subscription offers in the Netherlands?


Are you moving to the Netherlands or perhaps you're just ready for a new internet subscription? Then you have to make a choice between all the offers that come your way when you start comparing internet subscriptions online. To make the right choice for the most suitable internet subscription, there are some important things to consider. is the service to help you make the right choice; in nearly 20 years they’ve assisted more than 500.000 customers in choosing a new internet connection.

Household and usage allows you to compare different internet offers from major service providers in the Netherlands, even offering internet deals with added TV and calling packages. It’s important to pick the deal that is right for your individual household; so if you live in a house with more people, it’s best to pick a deal that offers faster connection speeds.

The more people who want to use the Internet connection at the same time, the more speed you need to avoid frustration. Especially now, when we get a lot of our entertainment through streaming services, this is extra important. With a download speed that is too low, it becomes difficult for several people to watch different programmes at the same time on the same internet connection. Here is a tip: choose a download speed of at least 50 MB for a single-person household and then add 50 MB for each active internet user.

Nowadays, it is not only the download speed that is important. Since working from home has become more commonplace, which means more meetings via Teams or Google Meet, upload speed has become increasingly important. Nothing is more annoying than a faltering video connection or waiting when sharing large files. Do you have meetings online a lot? Then it is advisable to look for a faster internet subscription via fiber or cable.

Need help or advice regarding the internet connection speed in your household? The Breedbandwinkel customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have. allows you to compare different internet offers from major service providers in the Netherlands

Fiber internet possibilities

Thinking about getting a fiber optic connection? This is largely dependent on where you live. Has fiber already been installed in your street, and do you have a connection at home? If so, you have the option to choose a subscription with fiber internet connection. The advantage of fiber internet is an upload speed that is equal to the download speed.

A fiber connection offers a lot higher download speeds compared to cable internet or DSL internet over the telephone line, thus faster at receiving data. Also, fiber connections are often the most stable type of internet connection.

Using the zip code check on the website, you can easily check which subscriptions are available at your (new) address. Use the filters to indicate whether you want to use DSL, fiber or cable.

Contracts and discounts

In the Netherlands, an internet subscription contract is usually concluded for a year, this way you receive the highest discount. You will usually receive a discount on the subscription costs for the first three or six months. However, a monthly contract can be a viable choice too, especially for expats. Discounts are waived, but the contract can be terminated every month. Unfortunately, there are only two providers that offer monthly contracts in the Netherlands: KPN (DSL and fiber) and Ziggo (cable).

Best provider

As an expat, it may be difficult to make a choice from the large number of offers available. That is why asks all its customers what they think of their subscription, something that is reflected in the reviews (stars) of the subscriptions. Usually, the larger providers in the Netherlands, like KPN, T-Mobile and Ziggo, are rated best, while the price fighters have slightly lower scores.

Compare it yourself allows you to easily compare all subscriptions using their zip code check. Still have questions? Then contact the customer service for free.

Did something go wrong during delivery or was the subscription delivered later than agreed? Then you can make free use of Breedbandwinkel’s internet guarantee, which will provide you with a temporary WIFI modem and 4G sim card, free of charge.



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