Wageningen named the best Dutch city for student housing

Wageningen named the best Dutch city for student housing

A recent report published by the National Student Union (LSVb) has named Wageningen the best city in the Netherlands for student housing, thanks in large part to its so-called housing guarantee for all local students. 

The Netherlands battles growing student housing shortage

Anyone looking to study in the Netherlands will likely be aware of the national housing crisis and the struggles students across the country face when trying to find student accommodation in time for the start of their first year. Currently, the country is short over 26.000 homes, and experts say the situation will only worsen over the coming years

In order to try and avoid the issue, students will probably try to look for universities in towns and cities where the situation is less severe - and the results of a new study should help to make that search a lot easier. The LSVb looked at the 11 largest student cities in the Netherlands and awarded points according to four categories:

  • The private housing sector (i.e. availability of permits for student housing, rental prices)
  • The housing association sector (i.e. cooperation between municipalities and housing associations)
  • The information and resources provided by the municipality
  • The presence of a rental team

According to the results of the study, Wageningen - a historic town in the province of Gelderland and home to one of the country’s top universities - is the best Dutch city for student housing. 

Wageningen: the best city for students looking for accommodation

The local municipality has established a housing guarantee, which promises all students accommodation before May 1 in their first year of study. In addition to this commitment, both the university and the municipality have been praised for their cooperation with housing associations, their work to help international students settle in the Netherlands, and the local rental team which helps students if they’re facing any issues with their landlord.

Wageningen received a total of 31 points out of 40. “It is remarkable that Wageningen has succeeded in offering all students accommodation before 1 May,” said LSVb chair Ama Boahene. “Other student cities can take an example from that.”

Rotterdam and Delft worst Dutch cities for student housing

While Wageningen was praised for its resources and commitment to helping students, other Dutch cities were harshly criticised. Amsterdam came in fourth place with a total of 27 points, while The Hague and Leiden occupied joining-sixth place with 25 points each. 

Occupying the bottom spots, however, were Rotterdam and Delft with just 21 points each. Both cities were criticised for decisions made by the municipalities to keep students out of certain neighbourhoods, thereby preventing students from effectively assimilating. Both municipalities have also placed restrictions on permits for converting homes into student housing. 

“Moving into rooms is an important step for students in their development. A municipality must facilitate that,” Boahene explained. "We hope that Rotterdam and Delft will learn from the other student cities and score better next year."

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