The value of homes in Amsterdam declined throughout 2023

The value of homes in Amsterdam declined throughout 2023

As of January 1, 2024, the average value of houses in the Netherlands increased in many Dutch cities, according to the official WOZ market valuation. However, in Amsterdam, the value of properties dropped by around 3,5 percent compared to a year earlier. 

WOZ measures price and value of Dutch homes for tax purposes

The WOZ indicator is used by the government to determine several taxes and levies, including property and water board tax. The data shows that overall, across the whole country, the WOZ value of Dutch homes rose by 3 percent in 2023. 

However, the municipality of Amsterdam saw the value of homes decrease throughout 2023, even with strong demand for housing in the Dutch capital persisting. Amsterdam actually saw the biggest decrease in WOZ value anywhere in the country, with average house values falling 3,5 percent to 499.000 euros. This meant that the province of Noord-Holland had the lowest WOZ value increase, at 0,2 percent.

Value of homes rose the most in Groningen

The municipality with the highest increase in WOZ value can be found in Midden-Groningen, where the value of homes rose by around 15,5 percent last year. Overall, Noord-Holland remains the province with the highest average WOZ value of 462.000 euros, followed by the province of Utrecht with 450.000 euros.



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