TSS Mortgages: Specialist in expat mortgages in the Netherlands

TSS Mortgages: Specialist in expat mortgages in the Netherlands


Buying a house or an apartment in the Netherlands is one thing, but applying for an expat mortgage in the Netherlands is another matter and could be very complex and stressful. With years of experience, the financial experts at TSS Mortgages have a great understanding of all the mortgage options available to expats on the Dutch market.

Get your dream home with the help of TSS Mortgages!

The mortgage market in the Netherlands is very well developed. There is a large choice of mortgage providers, so you need to know a bit about how each type of mortgage works, in order to decide between them. Be aware that as an expat buyer, you might not have access to such a broad range of mortgage providers in the Netherlands.

Making your dream home a reality

Whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, TSS Mortgages has the experience and possibilities to make your dream home a reality in the Netherlands. As an independent mortgage broker, they are able to compare multiple banks and their conditions. They will always take your whole financial and personal situation into account, along with your requirements, so that they are able to guarantee your expat mortgage in the Netherlands will be as customised as possible.

TSS Mortgages believes that, even several years after buying your house, your mortgage still needs to suit you!

Should I go directly to a bank or use a mortgage broker?

You can apply for a mortgage directly at a Dutch bank or have the assistance of a mortgage broker. If you are not fully informed about what type of mortgage and interest options are best for you, taking expert advice from a certified mortgage broker such as TSS Mortgages is something to consider. This is especially true for expat buyers, whose options are more limited.

At TSS Mortgages, they are happy to inform and advise you on what your options are and what kind of mortgage would suit you best. TSS Mortgages has access to a large number of policies and offers from different banks, and are therefore able to find the best deal for you. Dutch banks, on the other hand, will have only a select range of products and interest rates to offer, so doing this kind of research yourself can be time-consuming. Let TSS Mortgages do the work for you!

Rise in mortgage interest

Several banks raised their mortgage rates recently. These are slight increases of a few hundredths. For some time now, mortgage interest rates for both the short and long term have been exceptionally low. There was already a slight increase last autumn. This increase now seems to be continuing and is mainly due to the recently increased market interest rate. De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) previously indicated that banks should use higher buffers from this year, taking into account rising inflation and rising house prices.

Are you curious about mortgage interest expectations in the near future? The financial experts at TSS Mortgages are happy to discuss the options for your specific situation with you! Contact them now!



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