Together is better: Mortgage, tax and real estate for expats

Together is better: Mortgage, tax and real estate for expats


A&H Finance, TaxSavers, Metropool Makelaars and Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam are combining their knowledge and expertise! As of May 2, Amstelveen will have a mortgage advisor, tax advisor, sales broker and purchase broker at one address (Amsterdamseweg 71, Amstelveen), serving customers throughout the Netherlands when it comes to mortgages and taxes.

Mortgage needed? A&H Finance can help you out!

Buying a house mostly means hiring a mortgage broker who compares all financial lenders in the Netherlands to get you the best conditions for your specific situation. A&H Finance is specialised in helping expats in the greater Amsterdam area with their mortgages, insurance, and more.

A&H Finance is the largest of the four companies and has been providing financial mortgage advice and insurance to clients in (mainly) the Amsterdam region for more than fifteen years.

Call A&H Finance 020 - 4651951 or visit their website for more information.

Organise your tax with TaxSavers

Emigrating to the Netherlands, buying or selling a house, changing your mortgage, or switching to another mortgage provider - these are all examples of “fiscal moments” that impact your tax return in the Netherlands considerably. TaxSavers can help you with all your tax needs, plus they involve you in the process, so that you can do it yourself for the less complex tax years.

TaxSavers often assists expats with migration tax, the M-form, regular tax applications, the 30% ruling, stock options and bonuses. And if you are an entrepreneur, TaxSavers can also support you with your VAT returns and your annual income tax return.

Call TaxSavers 020 - 2170120 or visit their website for more information

Buy your new home with the support of Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam

Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam focuses exclusively on the purchase guidance of houses in the greater Amsterdam area and has done so for over 10 years with a team of experienced brokers, on a no cure, no pay basis..

Together with one of their realtors, you will be searching for that particular house that meets all your requirements and needs. During these visits, they will provide you with thorough advice on all aspects of the house, so you can make an informed decision.

Call Aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam 020 - 7640808 or visit their website for more information.

Do you want to sell your house? Metropool Makelaars is here to help!

Sales broker Metropool Makelaars focuses exclusively on the sale of homes. This real estate agent has only one goal: to get the best bid for your house in the current market. The value of your property has increased in recent years and that trend does not seem to be over yet. Together with Metropool Makelaars, you can decide on the best sales strategy for your house.

Call Metropool Makelaars 020 - 227 21 19 or visit their website for more information.

Together is better!

All four companies believe in togetherness and professionalism. Of course, you are free to choose with whom you are doing your business. The aim of joining forces is to enable a rapid and efficient service when it comes to purchasing and selling homes, mortgage advice, and tax issues. All companies work by appointment only, so give them a call and arrange a meeting now!

Amsterdamseweg 71, Amstelveen



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