Tips from Helpling: Things you’ll probably forget during the fall cleaning

Tips from Helpling: Things you’ll probably forget during the fall cleaning


Fall is near and it's time for a big home cleaning again. The folks at Helpling - the online platform for household cleaning services - often notice that a lot of small cleaning tasks get forgotten, especially around the spring and the fall time.

Helpling made a list of all those tasks that you might forget, so you can have the tidy home of your dreams.

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Clean out your garden

The Dutch weather can be quite unpredictable. In the fall and winter, it can rain nine days out of 10. Because your garden furniture and gardening equipment are prone to rust and mould in these kinds of conditions, it's good to store them in a dry place; think of a shed or attic or cover them with a tarp or special furniture covers. This way they’ll stay nice and clean.

Get your food storage in order

When you're starting to get ready for the fall, it's good to get your food storage in order. The experts at Helpling would recommend that you start with cleaning the fridge. You probably bought a lot of sauces and dips for your summer barbecues. Most of them will expire before the barbecue season starts again. So check the expiry date of the things in your fridge and throw the ones out that will expire before you're going to use them again. This way you’ll keep your fridge nice and tidy.

When you're done, take a look in your freezer. It has probably been used a lot during the summer and it might be a bit messy. Take out all the things that have been affected by freezer burn, and are expired and dirty. For extra thorough cleaning, you can book a cleaner via Helpling.

Freshen up your bed

Everyone knows how nice it feels to sleep in a freshly changed bed. The fall cleaning is a good opportunity to step up your game; air out your duvet, flip your mattress and spray some textile cleaner on there to get rid of all the sand, sweat and sunscreen that accumulated in your bed over the summer.

Get rid of those pet hairs

Your pet(s) probably lost a lot of hair during the summertime. Even if you clean every week, you’ll probably still find their fur everywhere. Since pets will stop shedding soon, now is a good time to clean up those lingering hairs. An easy way to get rid of those reluctant hairs is by going over them with a lint roller.

Get ready for the cosy nights in

A cosy night in front of the fireplace can be really nice when the weather gets colder. If you haven’t used the fireplace during the summer, it's important that you inspect and clean it. Make sure that you’re extra safe by exchanging the smoke detector batteries. This way you can enjoy your evening without worrying.

Do a scavenger hunt

You probably have a lot of things lying around the house that you only use during the summer. Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, citronella candles and more. Gather those things and put them in a box and store them in a closet. By following these cleaning tips, you can still grab them when you need them but they aren’t making your house look cluttered.

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