Thousands of tenants don’t know they're entitled to rent benefit

Thousands of tenants don’t know they're entitled to rent benefit

The Dutch Housing Association (Woonbond) has calculated that thousands of tenants in the Netherlands fail to apply for the government’s rent allowance scheme (huurtoeslag) despite the fact that they are fully entitled to that money. 

Thousands in the Netherlands eligible for rent allowance

Under the rent allowance scheme, tenants in the Netherlands who meet certain requirements are eligible to receive a financial contribution from the Dutch government that goes towards monthly rent costs. The scheme is open to anyone - including expats - so long as they are registered in the Netherlands.

But the Housing Association believes that thousands of households across the country are missing out on the cash they’re entitled to, simply because they fail to double-check their rights and apply for the allowance. 

Apply for huurtoeslag

As of January 2020, new rules mean there are no more set income limits (i.e. you can apply for the allowance regardless of your salary). This rule change means that 115.000 households have recently become eligible, and the Housing Association feels there are many out there who aren't even aware of their eligibility.

“Even without a change in the law, many people leave the money behind, but with the new group of tenants who are entitled to the allowance, we expect that even more people will miss out,” a spokesperson explained.

Anyone renting a house can confirm their eligibility for the allowance via a tool on the website for the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). Tenants have until September 1 to retroactively apply for the allowance for 2020.

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mokumhammer 09:46 | 16 August 2021

You forgot (?) to mention three of the most important factors in obtaining rent subsidy: 1. Maximum rent. Anyone above the maximum rent is not entitled to a rent subsidy (& this is quite low) 2. Rent subsidy is only available to people on a low(ish) salary. 3. Is the house 'sub-letted'? Then you can't get a subsidy Perhaps the actual figures should of been quoted here?

AndreiLastName2 13:39 | 16 August 2021

"As of January 2020, new rules mean there are no more set income limits (i.e. you can apply for the allowance regardless of your salary)." Just went to the official calculator and inputed some fictional (but realistic) numbers to test this statement. Result: You will not receive a rent allowance. You will not receive a housing benefit, because your income is too high.

JoshuaVanWormer2 15:26 | 26 August 2021

So who is not telling the truth? The calculator says something different.

TanveerHaidery3 18:19 | 6 September 2021

The Netherland is not exceptional to Covid lockdown and economy crisis. The whole world is suffering. I am the only earning member in my family of 4 people living in The Netherlands since year 2013. And Since 2019, there was no salary increment in work. Beside the living cost in The Netherlands is shooting higher and inflation index is also moving high. People should realize this place is getting difficult for a single earning member to survive. But i have no other option. My wife is a housewife and I don't want to burden her to move out to make a living. The Govt should make a standard Tax plan for everyone. It is not fair that someone who earn less, still has to pay 0 - 19% income tax and the one who earn high, has to pay high tax % Ultimately the ball is always in Govt coat. The Tax Deduction is so high and i feel helpless to see that a big sum of money is continuously getting deducted from my monthly salary and I am helplessly watch my pay slip. I cannot afford a good schooling for my kids and the Net Salary I earn, is just not enough for a living. The house rent, mortgage, utilities bills, health insurance, food, transportation, communication, Reginal Belasting, Property taxation, and VAT 21% on all purchase. Govt should ensure that if the inflation goes high, then also the salary of an individual, otherwise the poverty rate will continuously multiple and rise. Thanks for Reading.