Swapping houses in the Netherlands is now as easy as swiping right on an app

Swapping houses in the Netherlands is now as easy as swiping right on an app

On Monday, September 25, Dutch housing corporations launched an app called “Huisjehuisje” to increase the number of people swapping rental houses in the Netherlands.

Greater flexibility

There are around 3,2 million rental houses in the Netherlands, of which 2,3 million fall under social sector housing. Those renting properties are often not satisfied, as their houses are too big, small or expensive for them.

Only five percent of tenants move to a new home each year, and for this reason, 26 housing corporations, owning 330.000 homes, launched an app to make it easier for renters to swap houses. 

The corporations are located in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Utrecht, but people throughout the whole of the Netherlands can use the app.

Houses owned by private individuals can also be swapped with corporation houses, however, new owners living in social housing must not earn more than 41.000 euros, as this is one of the conditions specified in the rental contract.

It’s a match

Users of the app can upload photos of their house, along with the area in which it is situated and the rental price. Information such as the user’s name and address are not disclosed. A user can then “like” a house, and if their house also gets a like then it’s a match and users can decide whether to swap or not.

Listings are also checked by the housing corporations; verified listings feature a tick. Corporations also have the option to state whether the rent will increase with a new contract.


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