The Student Hotel opens in Rotterdam

The Student Hotel chain has just opened a new location in Rotterdam, the Netherlands' third largest university city, located just minutes away from Erasmus University, Erasmus Medical Center, the art academies, the Hogeschool Rotterdam, and InHolland.

The Student Hotel offers over 250 designer rooms and suites to guests and students from over 50 countries. Students can stay for one or two semesters, and family and friends or visiting academics are welcome to stay for shorter periods.

The hotel's prices are all-inclusive, meaning that they include a fully furnished room (even including a flatscreen TV and cable), bathroom and (common) kitchen, electricity, heating, water, taxes, insurance, internet (10MB), 24 hour security, use of their study rooms, library, lounges, game room, gym, and bar/restaurant, plus your own The Student Hotel city bicycle!

Optional services such as a coin-operated washers and dryers, bed linens and kitchen supplies, room cleaning, bicycle repair, exercise classes and personal trainers, and flexible meal plans are also available.

The hotel is currently accepting student bookings for next semester. Certain room types are still available (mostly the so-called Friends & Family rooms), and you can join the waiting list for the others too.

The Student Hotel is also set to open locations in Amsterdam next summer and The Hague in the summer of 2014.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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