STOX Kitchens & Flooring: Amsterdam city centre experts

STOX Kitchens & Flooring: Amsterdam city centre experts


Finding a company that has the expertise to properly fit your floor and kitchen in your home can be difficult. Especially in Amsterdam’s city centre.

Did you know there are a number of restrictions / requirements regarding the renovation of homes in Amsterdam? Noise reducing floors are mandatory, for example. Also, due to the shape of most apartments in Amsterdam, it can be incredibly difficult to install standard elements. So, it is important to hire a company that knows what's what. 

Here is why STOX Kitchen & Flooring stands out amongst all the others.

Truly being a local expert

Installing a kitchen and / or laying a floor in Amsterdam can be quite challenging. Most apartments have special needs related to either their previous owners’ choice of flooring, present base flooring (anhydrite, screed, magnesite, fermacell, wood) or the current state of the apartment.

Realise the kitchen of your dreams with STOX Kitchen & Flooring

Thanks to their extensive experience in laying and fitting floors and kitchens of all kinds in Amsterdam, STOX has already encountered most (if not all) possible problems, and developed unique solutions for each potential issue.

Offering one complete package

Problems will often arise when various involved parties have to coordinate their activities within a small timeframe. If one of the parties doesn’t make their deadlines, all of the procedures that follow will suffer as a result.

STOX offers you the possibility to coordinate your complete renovation plans. Enabling you to design your own kitchen, including the flooring type that you desire (wood, laminate, PVC, cork), and matching window decorations. It truly is a one-stop shop experience.

A unique, and immersive design experience

In order to make sure you get the kitchen you desire, STOX has gone to great lengths to ensure that you know exactly what will be delivered to you. The kitchen designers will start off by interpreting your wishes into a 2-dimensional drawing, which will be the baseline of your design. You will then be able to expand upon this baseline by choosing colours and adding appliances.

When you are completely satisfied with the design, it will be rendered into a 3-dimensional visualisation of your future kitchen and / or floor. Here is an example of a kitchen that was visualised using the software and then installed:

  Kitchen: before & after

Should you feel the desire for an even more immersive experience, it’s also possible to go a step further by visualising your kitchen in Virtual Reality. This will give you the possibility to look and walk around the kitchen whilst still sitting in the showroom.

Get the advice you need, in your own home

Many housing situations are judged best when an expert sees them with their own eyes. STOX understands that. Therefore, it is possible to make an appointment with one of their experts, who will visit you in your own home. If you are interested in a home visit, please click here to make an appointment.

Trusted by expats, for good reason

STOX has served a lot of expat clients over the years, for good reason. Their team of designers / advisors are fluent in English, and there are also advisors who speak additional languages, such as Spanish and German, for example. The same goes for the installation team, of course.

Contact STOX Kitchens & Flooring

Have a housing idea you would like to bring to fruition? Or looking for advice concerning your kitchen, floor or window blinds? Don’t hesitate to contact STOX Kitchens & Flooring at [email protected] now.



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