Spend the night in Van Gogh's famous bedroom painting

Spend the night in Van Gogh's famous bedroom painting

Ever dreamt of sleeping inside a Van Gogh painting? Now you can! The Art Institute of Chicago has created a life-size replica of one of Vincent Van Gogh's most iconic paintings, "Bedroom in Arles."

The Dutch artist painted the first version of the painting in October, 1888 while he was staying at the Yellow House in Arles, France. A total of three versions exist of the painting. They are very similar and depict the actual bedroom he was staying in.

Replica of the Dutch painter's bedroom

The art institute replicated Van Gogh's famous bedroom down to the smallest details of the painting. You will find the same thick brush strokes the artist is known for, the worn green paint on the wooden floor boards, identical furniture arranged in the same manner and the paintings on the walls (also Van Gogh's work) that hang a little off-centre. Even the items on the corner table have been reproduced.

The room also boasts more anachronistic features such as air conditioning, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Van Gogh's reconstructed bedroom, which is located at a different location in Chicago than the museum, was quickly booked full for the entire period it is available for. It was offered on AirBnB for 10 dollars a night.

Three versions of Van Gogh's masterpiece

The first version of the painting became damaged by water and Vincent sent it to his brother Theo for repair. His brother liked it so much and asked Vincent to paint a new version to be on the safe side. The third and smaller version Vincent made for his sister Willemien.

The first version of the painting can be admired in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the second one at the Art Institute of Chicago and the third one in the Musée d'Orsay.

Van Gogh's favourite painting

The bedroom painting meant a lot to Van Gogh himself. After his mental break and his time in the hospital in Arles until early 1889, he told his brother Theo that he liked this painting the most out of all his work at the time.

The replica of Van Gogh's bedroom was created to celebrate the Institute’s exhibition Van Gogh's Bedrooms.

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