Sharing is caring at WEST507

Sharing is caring at WEST507


WEST507 by The FIZZ is a building with beautiful details such as the atrium, high ceilings and it's view over the city. Sign up now!

Are you looking for a roommate or a place to stay with your BFF, colleague, brother, sister or work-out buddy? Well, look no further because WEST507 by The FIZZ is the place to be!

Live in style

This summer The FIZZ is opening their second building in Rotterdam: WEST507 by The FIZZ, in Delfshaven. The City Lofts, Work & Live Lofts and Penthouses have multiple rooms and / or toilets and can be shared easily. You will share the bathroom, living room and still have privacy in your own room. Prices start from 504 euros per person

WEST507 by The FIZZ is a building that features beautiful details such as the atrium and high ceilings and windows.  It also offers stunning views of the city, harbour and Maas river.

The complex will house 183 apartments: City Lofts, Work & Live Lofts and Penthouses. starting from 58m2. One stunning detail is that most of the apartments have mezzanines, which can be used for anything; from an (extra) bedroom to an atelier, clothing room or game room.


Do you work from home a lot? Then the Work & Live apartments are perfect! Next to your own living area, there is extra space which you can use for your office, atelier or studio. Tenants can also choose to rent without this extra space.

The benefits of sharing

Are you still in doubt when it comes to sharing an apartment? Here are five benefits of living with friends:

Endless fun

Whether you’re cooking, watching Netflix or just having a drink together, everything is more fun with friends! It's really easy to make friends at WEST507 as there are events every week, where you can get to know the other residents as well.


Splitting the costs

It will be more affordable since you will be splitting all the costs. No more high costs such as expensive furniture, groceries or bills.

Clothing swap

How many times do you stand in front of your closet full of clothes and you still have nothing to wear? Thank god you have a roommate, they must have something that fits!

I’ll be there for you

Whether you’re sick and need someone to make soup for you, you're having relationship struggles or you've simply just had a shitty day at work and you need someone to talk to. Your roommate is there for you!


Splitting the chores.

Do you hate vacuuming? Or maybe you're really averse to mopping the floor? Well, with a roommate you can easily share all the household chores. And no need to fight about who has to do the dishes; in WEST507 every apartment comes equipped with a dishwasher. 

Find out more

Are you convinced or do you want more information about WEST507? Check out the website or socials: @WEST507rotterdam.



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