Settle Service: Take a VR orientation tour of Amsterdam & Rotterdam!

Settle Service: Take a VR orientation tour of Amsterdam & Rotterdam!


Many people nowadays not only look for jobs in their own country but also look in other countries, like the Netherlands. There are many international companies in the Netherlands and almost all people speak English at a more than reasonable level. You will find a safe country with good health care and education. The Netherlands even ranks fourth in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

Considering relocating to Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Settle Service understands that it might be nice for you to know the city a little bit first. Where’s the best place to live, what kind of personality does the city have?

Maybe you have visited the city as a tourist, very nice. You have seen the touristic highlights but now you wonder what it feels like to live there. It's often very different from just visiting. While a personal visit on your own can bring a lot of insights already, what you really need is the advice of a local.

An orientation tour organised by a relocation company with a relocation consultant can make all the difference as you face this big decision. Yet, a live orientation tour may cost too much time and / or money. Moreover, travelling is a burden on the environment. Settle Service appreciates the need for a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution!

That is why they have developed a brand new tool: Virtual Reality orientation tours! The first two cities that they offer are Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Virtual Reality orientation tours

Virtual Reality means that you can stay at home and still feel as though you are walking through your new living environment! The Settle Service consultants on the road, Helga (Amsterdam) and Ingrid (Rotterdam) present their home cities to you. They show sides of their cities that only inhabitants know about. They will show you neighbourhoods, properties, and tell you nice-to-know facts so that you get the inside story.

No VR-viewer? No problem

Settle Service has developed a brand new tool: Virtual Reality orientation tours!

No VR-viewer? No problem, Settle Service will provide you with a VR-viewer. The viewer is very easy to use with a smartphone. The result of the VR orientation tour will be that you can picture how your life in Amsterdam or Rotterdam will be. You will get plenty of information to make your decision.

Need help with your relocation?

Enjoy the journey! Once you have made your decision, Settle Service will gladly assist you with their immigration and relocation services. Perhaps you will find an employer who will support your relocation, in that case, Settle Service will be pleased to get in touch with your HR-contact person. Alternatively, you can take a look at the offer for individual clients on their webshop. There, you will also find the VR orientation tour.

Contact Settle Service now!

Interested in a personal orientation tour? Contact Settle Service now!

Settle Service's clients highly value their home-finding advice. Settle Service representatives will share their local knowledge with you and take you on a tour to the most interesting neighbourhoods!

Settle Service make moves so you don’t have to!



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