Schmidt Global Relocations: Guiding your way home

Schmidt Global Relocations: Guiding your way home


Whether you're moving to the Netherlands from another continent, within the Netherlands to a house 500 meters further in the street, or starting an adventure abroad; every move takes a lot of time and energy. Moving is not a one-day job. Sometimes your furniture makes its way by truck, container or airplane for several weeks before it reaches its final destination, and in the meantime, you need to deal with paperwork.

Make your move stress-free with Schmidt Global Relocations

Now, this is where an international moving company can help you out. But what do you look for, when choosing a moving company? Experience and reliability or certain quality standards? Schmidt Global Relocations is happy to help you on your way to make your move stress-free.

Guiding your way home

As an international moving company, Schmidt Global Relocations helps you from their headquarters in Woudenberg, the Netherlands, with relocations all over the world, such as Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Australia and Dubai, as well as moving (back) to the Netherlands. Everything will be taken care of to the last detail.

How do they do it? Their personal Move Managers take care of everything for you, from the planning to the paperwork, and from the piano to your last-minute requests. They will not back down from any challenge and always find a perfect solution. They understand the impact of your relocation and know the value of your personal belongings. They keep you constantly up to date and they work with their own, trusted crew according to the high FIDI standards. This is how they guarantee that you are moving comfortably to your new destination.

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Moving with Schmidt Global Relocations always complies with the following conditions:

Personal service

Schmidt Global Relocations understands that moving internationally is not something you do every day. Luckily, they do! To support you in the best possible way, they work with personal Move Managers who will arrange all tasks for you during and around your move and will act as your personal contact person, keeping you informed of the status of your move. This means that you always know who you can contact if you have any questions.

High standards

As a family company, Schmidt Global Relocations thrives for the highest customer satisfaction. This means that they work according to the highest standards in their industry and that they are FIDI and FIAM certified. By working with their own people and reliable international partners, they guarantee that your belongings are packed, handled and transported with care. They will do everything they can to make your international move as comfortable as possible.

Perfect solutions

Of course, safety and reliability are one of the most important aspects in the moving business - but what does Schmidt Global Relocations feel is also important? The perfect solutions for all of their clients! Therefore, they take care of your full-service move - according to your wishes, anywhere in the world. This also goes for last-minute requests or “mission impossibles." Whether you are moving to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Sydney, New York, Paris or Cape Town, they are flexible and always think of solutions. Schmidt Global Relocations is there for you!

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Personal Move Managers will take care of your international move in every detail

But what paperwork do you need to arrange before (re)migrating to the Netherlands? And which things can be imported to the country of destination and which things are better left at home? The personal Move Managers of Schmidt Global Relocations are happy to help you answer these and any other questions about your international move. As committed specialists, they will guide your move to and from the Netherlands and take care of it, down to the last detail. That is what they call guiding your way home!

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