Royal De Gruijter: Elevating your relocation to the Netherlands

Royal De Gruijter: Elevating your relocation to the Netherlands


Royal De Gruijter, a Dutch moving company with a storied history dating back to 1881, has evolved into a trusted partner for expatriates seeking a seamless transition to the Netherlands. In 1920, they earned the royal warrant for their exceptional quality of removal services provided to the Dutch royal family. This distinction, granted to only a select few Dutch companies, reflects the company's ongoing commitment to excellence.

Explore the services offered by Royal De Gruijter that redefine the standards of relocation and make every move a journey fit for royalty.

Get the royal treatment with Royal De Gruijter

Royal De Gruijter's relocation expertise

Royal De Gruijter takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of relocation services tailored to the needs of private individuals, small to mid-size businesses and large multinationals. From the initial planning stage to the final touches, the Royal De Gruijter team ensures a seamless experience - simplifying the stressors associated with your international relocation.

Throughout the entire relocation process you are assigned a dedicated account manager. Serving as your guide and coordinator, the account manager ensures that your relocation is smooth and stress-free by making recommendations and suggestions based on their comprehensive local knowledge and experience. They also minimise demands on your time by coordinating with third-party service providers on your behalf.

The Mondrian bespoke relocation package

At the heart of Royal De Gruijter's commitment to personalised service lies the Mondrian relocation package. Named after the renowned Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, this package is a testament to the company's innate understanding that each expatriate has unique relocation needs. Customisable to individual circumstances and budgets, the Mondrian allows you to shape your relocation according to your priorities.

The three steps of the Mondrian relocation package

The Mondrian Package has three phases, each offering a range of services tailored to your preferences:

Initiating contact

Once you reach out to Royal De Gruijter, a relocation expert will promptly contact you to share a list of the available services and set up a time for a longer consultation call.

Consultation call

You’ll talk to your designated relocation consultant about your relocation and your specific needs. They’ll ask questions that will allow them to make personalised recommendations to you that respect your priorities and ease your transition to the Netherlands. Together, you will explore which relocation services will benefit you the most from the vast array on offer.

Some of the services that Royal De Gruijter offer are:

  • Immigration solutions
  • Preview tours
  • Town hall registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • Driving licence exchange
  • Guidance on the 30% tax ruling
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Home searches
  • Management of rental agreements
  • Outgoing inspections

Additionally, Royal De Gruijter can help you with setting up your utilities, cultural training and even departure assistance.

Service assurance

The relocation consultant ensures that all services are executed as planned, confirming your satisfaction with the support provided.

The three main benefits of the Mondrian package

There are many benefits to choosing the Mondrian package with Royal De Gruijter, namely:

  1. Transparent costing: Each service comes with a clear duration, and fees are calculated according to the time spent delivering each service. When creating your personalised package, this gives you a precise understanding of the associated costs.
  2. Bespoke relocation: You will receive a relocation package tailored to your unique needs and requirements.
  3. Local trusted support: You will have a reliable local partner to guide you from the start of your journey in the Netherlands. Relocating can be stressful, so kickstart the process with support from the outset, ensuring a smooth arrival and a pleasant transition to life in the Netherlands.

Plan your move with Royal De Gruijter

If you’re looking for a relocation partner that combines a rich history with modern expertise, Royal De Gruijter emerges as the undisputed choice. With the Mondrian bespoke relocation package, a dedicated account manager, and the assurance of a royal warrant, Royal De Gruijter delivers a relocation experience that goes beyond expectations.

Contact Royal De Gruijter today to begin your journey to the Netherlands.



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