Renting furniture: a convenient solution for expats

Renting furniture: a convenient solution for expats


As an expat, it’s not always clear how long you will be able to stay in your new country. And buying furniture and electrical appliances is not only a time-consuming task, it also means you’ll have to visit several shops, set up the furniture and coordinate with all the different suppliers. Also, what will you do with the furniture afterwards? What if something breaks down and you need support?

Expat furniture rental often eases the relocation stress for employees and families in transition. It can eliminate the need and costs for temporary housing, such as hotels. Expat housing becomes easier and you will have a larger selection of unfurnished properties to choose from.

Furniture rental is a convenient solution, and In-Lease is the one-stop shop for all your interior needs!

Getting a comfortable start with In-Lease

Renting furniture is a comfortable and cost-efficient option for any expat who wants to feel at home in their new location right away. In-Lease offers rental furniture to suit anyone’s personal taste and budget. This way, your story abroad gets a comfortable start.

More than one good reason

There is more than one good reason to rent furniture from In-Lease:

1. Large selection

With In-lease furniture rental, you can choose your own style and set-up. Country chic or modern sleek; whatever your personal style, you are sure to find something you like from the wide range of furniture that In-Lease offers.

2. For any budget

If you compare renting furniture to shipping your household goods and furniture around the world, you will find that renting furniture is the cheaper and smarter alternative.

Furthermore, In-Lease has packages available at different price levels. Need to adhere to a budget, or is money not an issue? In-Lease offers budget-friendly furniture set-ups as well as exclusive ones. You can even get the assistance of a team of professionals, including interior designers. No matter your budget, In-Lease can help you out!

3. Flexible contracts

In-Lease furniture rental contracts are flexible. The standard RENT formula gives you the option to extend or to terminate your contract according to your needs.

4. Fast service

Request your furniture rental quote online. Once you’ve signed your contract with In-Lease, the company can deliver and set up your new furniture within 2 to 5 working days throughout the Netherlands!

Available packages

In-Lease offers three different furniture rental packages:

TEMP package

The TEMP package is suitable for short-term expats who need furniture for up to 12 weeks. Choose any item you may need or opt for a budget-friendly all-in room package.

RENT package

The RENT package offers a large selection of contemporary furniture, which can be rented by the piece or by the room for a term of (minimum) 4 months to 60 months. This package is very adaptable, and the rental furniture is available immediately.

PLUS package

If you don’t find what you need in the standard packages, the PLUS package allows you to select brand new rental furniture and appliances from over 50 different suppliers and 150 brands. With or without the option to buy!

You deserve to sit back and relax (on a Lamzac)

Moving into your new home and getting settled in can be stressful. In-Lease would love to offer* you a complimentary “Lamzac original air lounger” to help you relax after your move!

* Action valid for all reservations made before 31 August 2018. Only applies to long-term, full-configuration contracts.



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