Record number of million euro homes in the Netherlands

Record number of million euro homes in the Netherlands

Never before have there been so many houses in the Netherlands worth one million euros or more. According to real estate researcher Calcasa, the number of million euro homes increased by 37 percent last year to a total of 42.300.

Prices increase for Dutch million-euro houses

Last year, the average price for a house in the “millions category” was 1,36 million euros, with the price per square metre coming in at 5.300 euros. In 2017, these properties increased by 9,2 percent in value, whilst resale properties only increased by 8 percent on average.

Additionally, more million-euro houses changed hands on the Dutch housing market in the past year than in 2016. These developments stand in stark contrast with the state of affairs for million-euro houses 10 years ago.

In 2008, there were 28.100 million-euro homes in the Netherlands. This number decreased by 43 percent in the period of 2008 to 2013 and reached 16.000 during the worst part of the crisis.

Most expensive houses in the Netherlands

The most expensive houses in the Netherlands can be found in Wassenaar, on the Groot Haesebroekseweg. There, properties cost an average of 2,5 million euros. Last year, a house on this street cost 31 times more than a house on the cheapest street in the Netherlands, Tholensstraat in Terneuzen, where properties average 78.000 euros.

Whilst Wassenaar has the most expensive houses, the region of Amsterdam has the most million-euro houses, amounting to 10.300 in total. The region of Utrecht takes second place with 6.300 and the region Gooi rounds off the top three with 4.950 houses worth one million euros or more.

The top ten streets with the most million-euro houses are located in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. The Keizersgracht heads the list, followed by the Prinsengracht and Valeriusstraat. The region of The Hague exhibits the greatest difference between high and low house prices, as one house on the Haesebroekseweg costs the equivalent of 24 at the Erasmusplein.

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