Ready to buy a house in the Netherlands? Hypotheek4Starters will help you get started!

Ready to buy a house in the Netherlands? Hypotheek4Starters will help you get started!


A lot has happened in the housing market in recent months: prices are falling and buyers are back in control, making it an ideal moment for expats to step into the housing market!

As an expat, you have a lot to deal with. Hypotheek4Starters are very happy to help you with the purchase of the house and find suitable mortgage lenders. They are independent mortgage advisors and compare 30 mortgage providers in the Netherlands, helping you look for the best possible deal for your situation.

Hypotheek4Starters can help you get started!

What are your options?

It is advisable to first orientate yourself about your options when it comes to Dutch mortgages. Hypotheek4Starters will gladly help you get acquainted with the Dutch housing market.

How Hypotheek4Starters works

First, you will talk to Hypotheek4Starters via phone or Teams to get to know them better. After this initial conversation, you will need to send them all the relevant documents to make a proper calculation for you. This will give you certainty about your loan capacity, so you can move quickly once you have found your dream home. You will also be introduced to your advisor, who will guide you from start to finish.

After the mortgage consultation, you will know exactly which mortgage types there are and what the differences are, as well as what costs are added and what monthly costs you will have, so there are no nasty surprises!

Purchasing your home

After you know exactly what your options are, you can start to look at houses. What makes Hypotheek4Starters unique is that in addition to financing the house, they can also help you with the purchase, as they are certified purchase advisors. Because Hypotheek4Starters knows what to look out for and how to bid, the process will be easier for you.

Hypotheek4Starters will conduct a thorough investigation into the property to meet the buyer's obligation to investigate. They will provide advice on the bid, and they can also arrange a bid for you. They only give advice that’s in your best interest, as they are an independent mortgage advisor.

For an additional fee of 950 euros (including VAT), Hypotheek4Starters can purchase the property for you. This service is based on no cure no pay - you will only need to pay this fee if they have purchased a house for you.

Please note that you will have to search and view houses yourself. If you also need help with that, Hypotheek4Starters can recommend other purchase brokers.

Financing your home

If you have purchased a house, Hypotheek4Starters will ensure that you receive the most suitable financing. They do this at a competitive rate.

Of course, you will also receive advice concerning your mortgage when one of the mortgage holders dies, becomes unemployed or incapacitated for work, if necessary. Hypotheek4Starters will take out such insurance free of charge, if needed.

In addition, you can use their wide network of tax advisers, civil law notaries and insurance advisers for house insurance.

Furthermore, Hypotheek4Starters will contact the notary one week before the key transfer. They do this because they like to check the notary statement for you. This way, they ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

Let’s get started: contact Hypotheek4Starters!

Hypotheek4Starters is the best place to go:

  • If you want to pay a fixed price
  • If you want to receive good advice
  • If you do not want to worry about purchasing or financing a house

Interested? For more information about Dutch mortgages and / or their services, please contact Hypotheek4Starters via phone (06 117 577 26) or email. You can also fill in the contact form on their website. Let's get started!



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