The perfect Dutch neighbourhoods for your family home

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Are you thinking of moving to the Netherlands with your family? Our guide reveals which Dutch neighbourhoods offer the best schools, day-care, entertainment facilities and a welcoming atmosphere for expat families.

If you're looking to move to one of the Netherlands' big cities (or close enough), read on!

Family neighbourhoods in Amsterdam

If you're moving to Amsterdam, there are plenty of ideal neighbourhoods for families:

 Amsterdam Oud Zuid

The upmarket district of Oud Zuid is located in the city's cultural heart. The famous Vondelpark and Museumplein are in this area, and several of Amsterdam's international schools are also nearby.

Flats and houses in Amsterdam Oud Zuid are also generally larger than those in the city centre, making it perfect for family rentals.

 Amsterdam Oud West

Oud West is another lovely, more residential area. This district has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and very low crime rates. Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark are both nearby, while excellent public transport links make it easily accessible from the city.


Another ideal Amsterdam neighbourhood for families is Rivierenbuurt.

A virtual oasis, this "green" alternative to the city centre has beautiful parks, quiet streets and a laid-back ambience. Some of the city's finest architecture can be found here, and there are many spacious flats and houses.


Amstelveen is small, friendly, family-oriented town located just outside the Dutch capital.

Many of the houses in Amstelveen are spacious and boast their own gardens and parking spaces. The area has plenty of restaurants, cafes and theatres, as well as several schools - including the International School of Amsterdam. Roughly 15 per cent of this area's population is non-Dutch, which gives it a lively multinational atmosphere.

Family neighbourhoods in Rotterdam

Rotterdam also offers many pleasant family neighbourhoods:

 Rotterdam Oude Noorden

Rotterdam Oude Noorden is a colourful district close to the city centre, with some impressively affordable and spacious houses.

Although Rotterdam Oude Noorden boasts 18.000 inhabitants, this neighbourhood has a friendly, "village" feel. There are five schools here, as well as a community centre where children and teenagers can play sports or practise arts and music.


The upmarket and international neighbourhood of Kralingen is another good choice for families.

Kralingen offers eight schools plus a golf course, tennis courts, two parks and a community school for keeping children and teenagers entertained.

The neighbourhood has spacious apartments and villas suitable for families, and is well connected to other districts via bus, tram and metro.


Another good choice is Hillegersberg, a green and peaceful district bordered by the beautiful river Rotte.

Hillegersberg is one of Rotterdam's wealthiest areas and has some of its largest and most beautiful houses. This neighbourhood is ideal for those who want to escape the "hustle and bustle" of city life and enjoy a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere.

Family neighbourhoods in The Hague

If you're searching for family houses or flats in The Hague, there are several areas to try.


Scheveningen is one of the most popular districts, with a lively seaside culture and plenty of sporting opportunities.

Recent developments in Scheveningen have led to an increase in spacious, upmarket properties and, consequently, a large number of families moving to the area.

 Bomen-en Bloemenbuurt

The beautiful Bomen-en Bloemenbuurt is one of The Hague's cosiest neighbourhoods.

In Bomen-en Bloemenbuurt you'll find some charmingly peaceful residential streets, a sports ground and several schools (including The European School in The Hague).


Finally, the bohemian district of Duinoord is filled with stately villas and mansions. Most of the houses are particularly gorgeous (with gabled roofs, Gothic details and balconies), while its high proportion of students, young families and internationals makes for a charming family-oriented environment.

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