Partner Pete: Connecting your home utilities in the Netherlands

Partner Pete: Connecting your home utilities in the Netherlands

Looking for an easy and reliable way to set up your utilities, internet and TV in the Netherlands? Tired of dealing with Dutch utility providers?
Meet Partner Pete!

Partner Pete helps expats to set up their basic utilities and services in the Netherlands. Partner Pete eliminates the hassle by arranging all your home connections for you! These include:
› Gas & heating
› Electricity
› Water
› TV & internet
› Fixed telephone
› Cleaning services
› Insurance

and more!

Partner Pete

Why choose Partner Pete?

With Partner Pete connecting your utilities you save time, money and hassle. Here's how:

Competitive rates & flexible contracts

Partner Pete works with pre-selected national suppliers to negotiate the most favourable conditions for expat clients, ensuring competitive rates, fast delivery, English-language customer support and flexible contracts where possible.

Speedy 24 hour setup

Have all your household services connected in one go. Within 24 hours your application will be handled with care, suppliers will be contacted and you will receive an email confirming your selected services and outlining the next step for each service.

Low one-time fee with money-back guarantee

To set up your utilities there is a small one-time service fee. The exact amount depends on the services you select. The fee comes with a seven day money-back guarantee and you incur no extra charges with your supplier.

Expert services & 24 hour helpdesk

The Partner Pete team is dedicated to expats in the Netherlands, providing clear instructions in English for every step of the process. The helpdesk also is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions.

Quick set up in 3 easy steps

Partner Pete’s utility set up system is designed to be as easy as possible with just three steps:

1. Select the services you need connected on the Partner Pete website.

2. Fill in your details on the secure web form.

3. Partner Pete does the rest, contacting utility providers within 24 hours to get you connected as soon as possible.

Special offer: no set up fee!

For a limited time Partner Pete is offering their service free of charge! Even if your move date is in the future you can sign up to ensure your utilities are connected from the moment you move in.

Have your utilities connected for free while this offer still applies!

Connect with Partner Pete

Save time, find the right plans and pay the right price for your utilities. Visit the Partner Pete website to find out more!

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