No more gas connection for new Dutch houses

No more gas connection for new Dutch houses

The Dutch government previously expressed the wish to move away from gas and switch to alternative forms of energy. In Amsterdam, the municipality even offers subsidies to homeowners who quit gas.

The current coalition feels that the process to move away from gas can be sped up and wants conventional new-build houses finished this year to be built without a connection to the gas network.

Dutch homes

Presently, most Dutch houses use gas when it comes to heating, and new-build houses also come with a connection to the gas network. However, if the government is successful, new-build houses will no longer have a gas connection, starting from this year. Primarily, four years had been set aside to achieve this.

New-build residential areas will only be allowed to use the gas network if there are no suitable alternatives, or if alternatives such as the heating grid or heat pumps are too expensive. The majority of the Dutch government is in favour of drastically reducing gas use in order to save the environment and spare Groningen from future crippling earthquakes.

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Abhishek Ghosh 22:58 | 27 January 2018

So how exactly are people supposed to cook ? Induction heating cooking ranges ?

Artūrs Pupausis 13:22 | 3 February 2018

There are multiple ways to cook other than gas: Solar oven, or gigant cooking top, thoses are much more suitable for places like Africa... Biogas is largely the same thing only source of the gas is cleaner. Electric - depending on where the energy comes from and efficiencies - in many cases could be worse. Liquid fuels like alcohol - pricey and use a lot of land, more PM pollution. Biomass (sawdust, firewood, agricultural waste, wood chips, etc.) - Can be sustainable depending on the region. Should be only burned in high temperature to minimize pollution (worse than gas, better than certain forms of waste to energy and coal)

EosOlympus 13:41 | 1 February 2018

Our house is like this. It's a new build in Nijmegen and the entire estate is gas-free. It's also all heated through a reclaimed energy scheme from an industrial plant in the city. The hot water is also provided through this scheme. We do cook! The oven and stove are both electric with the stove being an induction one. The stove takes a bit of getting used to - but then so does life in The Netherlands in general!