Moving abroad for less

Moving abroad for less

MoveHub is an online relocation platform providing guides and information about the international moving process.

Thinking about moving abroad for a new opportunity?

From affordable education or attractive jobs in Europe, to year-long fellowships or English-teaching assignments in Asia, there have never been so many good reasons to move somewhere else in the world.

Preparation is key

While the intrigue and excitement of moving to a new country prompts many people to pack their bags and hop on a plane, relocating requires a great deal of preparation before you go.

Good planning is essential if you want to transplant your belongings (and your life) smoothly and to keep costs down.

To ensure a smooth transition into a world unknown there are several things you can do, not only to save money but also reduce stress and give you peace of mind.

Here is a brief guide to support you as you plan your journey.

International shipping: things to know

One of the first and most important tasks when planning to move abroad is to decide what you will bring with you. If you are planning to ship items to your new location then keep the following factors in mind:

› Research prices

Shipping containers cost anywhere from 1.000 euros to upwards of 15.000 euros, depending on a number of variables. This in-depth guide to container shipping costs will help you make a better estimate.

› Calculate your timing

Depending on where you move, your container may be transported by land or sea. If it travels by sea, it could take several weeks to arrive. Plan accordingly and finalise all arrangements in advance to ensure proper receipt of your belongings.

› Check if you need extra help

Check if you need help to load/unload your own belongings. Since quotes generally account for "door-to-door" shipping only, you may need to allocate additional funds if you require removalists to carry your items indoors, especially if you live on a higher floor.

› Investigate insurance

Consider purchasing insurance for your container in case something goes missing or is broken. This is especially important if you are shipping items of high value such as paintings.

Tips for saving money

Once you know how international shipping works then you can make use of some simple planning tactics to help you keep your moving costs down:

› Get rid of excess belongings

Do you really need to bring your beloved washer and dryer? You will likely move into an apartment that already has these appliances.

Instead, take an inventory of the things you really must bring, and sell the rest. You’ll make a little extra money - which can help reduce your overall costs.

› Consider sharing a shipping container

Also known as "groupage", this is a good option if you do not have too many items to ship. Keep in mind that your items can take longer to arrive since the container will not be shipped until it is full. But if you plan far enough ahead, this is a great way to save money.

Book your plane flight(s) early

This is one of the easiest ways to save money. If you’ve made all moving preparations well in advance, and you already know when your shipping container will arrive, then you can book your flight early too and save a lot of money in the process.

Shop around for good value flights

While searching Google Flights is a great starting point, doing some extra research is worth the time investment. Check out Skyscanner, for example, to find some of the cheapest fares available.

Also, remember to check if you have any airline miles saved up, and apply those to a flight to reduce costs.

Choose your moving companies carefully

Keep in mind that, for the foreseeable future, this is a one-time move. This is no vacation! You want to start life in your new country on a good note, with as few hiccups as possible.

Research thoroughy

So make sure to read reviews, search on forums, check and double-check all moving companies you plan to do business with.

Prioritise peace of mind

If you need to spend a little extra money to go with a more reliable company, take out insurance protection or have a higher baggage allowance, then don’t hesitate, as it will ensure your peace of mind.

The big move

Moving your life and belongings can seem like a daunting task, requiring a lot of energy and focus to juggle all the different tasks.

But trust us, the effort is worth it. Many of us working at Movehub have made moves like the one you are considering, and we know what’s at stake - and that it pays off!

Want to learn more about moving abroad? Check out the MoveHub website, where you can find everything from shipping quotes to city guides - and more!

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