Mortgage insights for expats in 2022

Mortgage insights for expats in 2022

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Founded in 2018, Klår Finance offers financial services and insights for people looking to buy property, and they can help you apply for a mortgage. 

Do you dream about a new home? A wonderfully spacious kitchen to do some great cooking? Or do you feel it’s about time to upgrade the attic to an inspiring home office where you really enjoy working?

Now is the moment to gain clarity and get focused! And we are happy to help you with that. We also want to give you the lowdown on what's happening in the world of mortgages. So please continue reading for some interesting developments for the coming year that may help you make your dreams come true.

First-time buyers

The Dutch government is concerned with improving the position of buyers - mainly those of starters. They have introduced three measures in order to help do this:

Starters under the age of 35 still do not have to pay transfer tax

An advantage for young starters; this can save several thousand euros! The 2 percent transfer tax expires on a purchase price of a house up to 400.000 euros.

NHG cost limit rises to 355.000 euros

This means that you have a National Mortgage Guarantee for a home with an appraised value of up to 355.000 euros, and you can claim favourable mortgage conditions up to a higher amount than in 2021!

Possible extension of the statutory cooling-off period

Buyers might also get a longer cooling-off period to withdraw from a sale, even without a specific reason. At the moment, this period is still three days after the signing of the purchase contract, but it may become 10 days. It is still uncertain, unfortunately, but we hope to keep you informed of this development in the future.

Making your current home more sustainable

The government also offers opportunities and subsidies to help make homes more sustainable. Two important things to keep in mind are:

  1. The vast majority of lenders offer an interest discount if a home has a favourable energy label (label A+++ - to B).
  2. Some lenders offer a credit facility purely aimed at energy-efficient-related investments. It is usually a loan of a maximum of 15 years at very favourable rates.

In short, if you live in a 1930’s house and are considering (with the higher energy prices in mind) to improve the sustainability of your home, then this is a good year to delve into this!

Klår Finance's goal is and always will be: to help you find your way in the world of Dutch mortgages. Do you have questions about your financial possibilities or maybe just want to discuss how to make your dreams come true? Contact the experts at Klår Finance now!

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Peter Geurts

Peter is 40 years young, proud father of three. After years of experience in financial services he founded Klår Finance together with his friend and long time compadre Jochem. We...

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Christopher Sammut 09:49 | 1 February 2022

question is...hows the market going to do this year...can it keep going up...

drafts 11:08 | 1 February 2022

Hi Christopher, according to a market report from ABN AMRO the prices can go up with approx 15%. However I honestly find it difficult to predict., also because we (Klår Finance) are a mortgage expert. Questions related to the real estate market is more the expertise of a real estate broker / valuator.