More student housing in The Hague

Demand for student housing in The Hague is so great that, in order to meet demand, between 2.000 and 3.000 student apartments will need to be built in the city by 2020.

This is despite The Hague Municipal Executive already having promised to build 1.500 more student apartments by 2014, a pledge they have met.

Demand for student housing is growing so quickly that the municipality has had to readjust its ambitions.

A study was commissioned into how the need for student housing will develop that showed a clear rise in the need for student units, particularly (semi) independent apartments.

As part of meeting the demand, The Hague Municipal Executive would also like to see different types of living space developed, particularly in the city centre.

They plan to give preference to converting empty office buildings.

Student town gets bigger

It is clear that The Hague is becoming more and more attractive for students. Last year, Campus The Hague opened in the Schouwburgstraat and also expanded into the former Ministry of Interior Affairs, while Leiden University College will open a new building on the Anna van Buerenplein.

Source: The Municipality of The Hague

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