Make your new home truly yours with Humble Interiors

Make your new home truly yours with Humble Interiors


Have you just arrived in the Netherlands for work or have you come to seek a new adventure? Now, that you have secured your new home, let’s make it yours. Whether you’re renting or you have just purchased your new home, Humble Interiors can help!

Humble Interiors is run by British-Australian Designer Ellie Beauchamp, who is now based in the Netherlands. As an expat herself, she understands the challenges of starting a new life and making a new home truly yours.

Why you should consider hiring Ellie as your interior designer Ellie Beauchamp interior designer Humble Interiors

Ellie brings a clean but vibrant design style to her interior projects. She loves creating fresh, clean spaces with playful accents. She uses a lot of natural materials such as timber, concrete, stone and greenery to create a harmonious and calm interior but she also doesn’t shy away from pops of colour, unique vintage pieces, interesting artworks, textures, and materials to make your space truly unique.

As a qualified interior designer, she works closely with her clients to understand the way they live every day, which enables her to create and plan spaces that function and are tailor-made to their needs.

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Creating a home away from home

Hiring an interior designer does not only take away the stress from creating and filling a home, but also helps you find your unique style and allows you to have a space you can grow into and love to live in. Ellie also plays a storyteller’s role - for example, in showcasing pieces that are important to you, or highlighting features that are historical or unique to the space. She is a forward-thinking designer who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and combines the clean with the rustic, the fresh with the colour, and the playful with the relaxed.

Having lived and worked overseas for many years, Ellie has absorbed different lifestyles and cultures which has fused with her love for the outdoors and open spaces. Because of her background as a stylist, she has an eye for detail, and loves introducing unique vintage pieces or colourful art into her clients’ homes that bring out their personalities.

Working with Ellie from Humble Interiors ensures a breathable and well-thought-out design, including rich layers and textures, made-to-measure solutions and individual lighting concepts. These key design elements not only add value to your home, but also create a unique and timeless space that will work with your lifestyle, that represents you and that you will love to live in.

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How it works

Ellie from Humble Interiors will sit down with you during an initial consultation, listen and ask questions about what you want your home to be, what your needs are - maybe even those of your family, children, pets or extended family. If you’re not sure what your own style is, Ellie can help you to develop it, and identify furniture you are drawn to, ensuring they serve the function you are after - for example, wipeable for sticky fingers, elegant and luxurious, or maybe even both!

In the beginning, Ellie goes through any images with you that you have collected, and pulls ideas and materials that you are really attracted to from these images, or simply talks through your ideas in your head. Once she’s gotten to know you a little and gained a good understanding of your needs and wishes, she starts working on a concept design plan.

This tailor-made plan is one of the first building blocks to creating your new space or home. The concept consists of colours, textures and features that would be incorporated into the spaces. After that, tweaks and adjustments to the concept can be made together. Once you’re happy, Ellie moves onto the development of a final design document. At this stage, technical drawings for cabinets or storage units will also be created, if they are needed.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and Ellie will be happy to help you every step of the way to create a home for you that you will feel happy in for a long time to come.

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You have a commercial space or business and need help?

Great! Ellie is growing her commercial portfolio. Humble Interiors is currently working on Sis Bakery in Utrecht’s Tuinwijk, and a new music school that is about to launch this September.

How to get in touch

If you feel like this style appeals to you and you would like to talk more about your upcoming project or space, contact Humble Interiors via [email protected] or via this form



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