Make your move enjoyable and stress-free with Professional Moving Company

Make your move enjoyable and stress-free with Professional Moving Company


Moving can be a challenge physically, emotionally, financially, and everything in between. Moving away from friends, family, and comfort zones isn’t going to be an entirely hassle-free experience, but getting prepared for the move will ease the process.

To help you make your move as easy and smooth as possible, Professional Moving Company has compiled a list of nine things to consider before moving day:

1. Plan carefully and start early

It’s always more time-consuming to pack than you think. So, start early. Identify the rooms you don’t use as often and start with them. You can then store your packed boxes in these rooms.


Make sure to have a good idea of the costs of moving upfront, to avoid any unwanted surprises at the end of the move. For certain types of moves, especially those that have high floors and / or bulky items, it is recommended to use a moving lift to help transport items to and from the house.

2. Try to move on weekdays

Naturally, we all want to relocate on the weekend or during school holidays, so it’s best to avoid these dates if you can. How about making your move on a Thursday instead?

If you have to make your move during a busy period, you’ll need to choose a reliable removal service and book them at least a month in advance. Find a couple of different estimates, know their prices, and look up their reviews on their websites.

Make your move as smooth as possible with Professional Moving Company!

3. Take photos of the wires that connect to the electrical items

Before disassembling each electronic device you have in your possession, take a photograph of the rear of the television, gaming console, computer, and any other electrical appliances so that you can easily determine where all the leads go when you’re setting them up in your new place. This will help save a lot of time.

4. Set aside your important documents

Passports, important cards, school records, birth certificates, medical records, and other important documents must be stored safely. Do not put them in the moving truck - it is better to keep them in your suitcase or car.

5. Moving day survival kit

Do not forget to pack your moving day survival kit; basically, a box that will hold everything you’ll need once you get to your new home. It should contain medicine, toiletries, keys, phone chargers, pet food and perhaps a few teabags.

This means you don’t have to go through hundreds of boxes or, even more annoyingly, buy things you know you don’t need. Instead of stumbling across documents in an unintentional box of household junk, you could also add anything important like driving licenses, passports, insurance policies, etc.

6. Choose the right truck size


There are different types of moving trucks that have different loading capacities. It is very important to make an estimate of the volume of the items that you want to move. To make this easier, Professional Moving Company has created a cargo calculator to help you determine the volume of your items.

7. Disassemble bulky items to fit easily in the moving truck

Some large items like closets are best moved when disassembled into smaller pieces, something that is also important to avoid damage to these items while being transported. Professional Moving Company understands that this can be a complex process and have a dedicated team of experts to help you carry out this process as safely as possible

8. Research your new city or town

Moving to a new city can be a complicated process, but it can also be carefully planned and organised. The most important thing is to find out your daily travel times. How long does it take you to get to work? To your child's school? To the local supermarket? Do you have reliable public transport options? You should also look up local eateries and bars, as well as nearby activities.

In the Netherlands, you are also required to register your living address in your new municipality, and you might want to forward your post from your old address to the new one within the first few months so as not to miss any important notifications. Professional Moving Company has expert advisors with local knowledge of all the major cities in the Netherlands to help you plan and execute the perfect move.

Additional information can be found on Professional Moving Company’s local web pages - check out their moving guide for moving into Amsterdam here.

9. Hire A Professional Moving Company

The best method to make moving smooth is to use a professional moving company. When you are researching interstate moving companies, you should be looking for:

  • Years of experience: Visit the company’s website and make sure they have years of experience in moving. Professional Moving Company works with expert movers with over 20 years of experience.
  • Estimate: The best moving companies offer various options for moving estimates. Professional Moving Company provides free estimates and guarantees no hidden costs! You can immediately confirm the quote and make your move hassle-free if the quote suits you.
  • Good reviews: It is always advisable to read the reviews before selecting a moving company. With over 200 Google reviews, Professional Moving Company has a rating of 4,9 out of 5.

Moving can be an intimidating and arduous process. Luckily, Professional Moving Company is around to help you plan and carry out your move and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.



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