Majority of renters in the Netherlands unhappy with their homes

Majority of renters in the Netherlands unhappy with their homes

According to figures from the ING Living Index, which is used to gauge the confidence in the Dutch housing market of renters and homeowners, only 15 percent of renters are happy with their rental house in the Netherlands.

High rental prices

Confidence in the housing market in the Netherlands has decreased in the first quarter of 2018. Renters are especially unhappy.

One of the causes of renter’s dissatisfaction is the high amount of rent that they pay. They feel that the price is not compensated by the amenities they get in return, with 43 percent finding their rental home too small, and 39 percent wanting a garden.

Almost three-quarters of those just getting started in the Dutch housing market would like to buy a home. However, the increasing house prices mean that properties are just too expensive. Available properties are also hard to find due to the high demand and decreasing supply.

In contrast to renters, two-thirds of homeowners are happy and feel that they live in their ideal house.

Better Dutch city infrastructure

Building more houses in the Netherlands is not the only solution to the housing problem, according to ING Manager of Living Wim Flikweert. One way to address the problem is to improve infrastructure so that the major Dutch cities can be accessed better.

By improving infrastructure, those working in the Netherlands in cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht may be quicker to opt for cheaper properties outside of the cities.

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