Live Light: A sustainable furniture rental service for expats

Live Light: A sustainable furniture rental service for expats


Moving to a new country can be fun, but new challenges can arise quickly. One of the most considerable dilemmas one can face while moving is making your new house in a foreign country feel like a home. Live Light is a sustainable furniture service which caters to the needs of expats in the Netherlands.

Is it worth going out and buying new furniture just to go through the hassle of reselling it later? Probably not. What about having to settle for a temporary accommodation with a dull setup that doesn’t match your unique style? What if you’re not even sure how to style your new home? Luckily, Live Light is a revolutionary solution that helps relieve the stress of all problems revolving around your new temporary home!

Take the Live Light quiz to discover your perfect design!

Live Light: Sustainable furniture tailored to your unique style

Live Light’s mission is to help close the loop towards a more circular interior design industry! This means they use designs that will be (re)used and (re)loved repeatedly.

Their pieces are also refurbished when needed, and then recycled into new designs. They believe in products made of high-quality materials, with thoughtful and timeless designs, which are meant to last for generations.

Find your ideal design scheme with an interactive quiz

Live Light believes that your new home should reflect your unique personality and style. That’s why they have created a fun and interactive quiz to help you explore a range of different aesthetics tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer lighter or darker colours in your home, determining your interior design style helps you make better design choices for your needs.

Based on your responses to the quiz, an interior designer will curate furniture suggestions for your living room or dining room to perfection, giving you a space that matches your personality. Whether you prefer oak, teak, walnut or even oak black, they have it all!

Design options for every room

Their wide range of furniture allows you to design every corner of your new home. Whether you want to create a light and modern home office or a classic bathroom, Live Light will have what you’re looking for.

“Wonderful service, their pieces are of extraordinary beauty. The final touch is the purely magical smell of wood when it is just delivered. The process was done on time and accurately, with care and caution. Live Light is strongly recommended for expats who need to at least get a starting set of furniture.” - V. Tiummentsev, Amsterdam

Live Light: A white-glove delivery service

Live Light can help expats enjoy a beautifully-furnished home without the difficulties of moving all of your belongings yourself to a new location. They take care of all the challenging work, with their white-glove delivery service. This means that they deliver, assemble, and set up your new interior however you like!


Flexible plans for every type of stay

Still not sure about what type of design you would like for your home? With Live Light, you can rent your dream interior for a small monthly fee. This way, you can get a feel for what is possible while still having money for other vital parts of moving abroad!

Live Light understands that expats’ lives are forever-changing. That’s why Live Light offers different monthly plans; whether you need a short-term rental for just six months or a long-term arrangement for up to 48 months, they’ve got you covered!

Change or return your furniture whenever you want

The best part is that Live Light offers you the chance to change or return their furniture pieces whenever you want - and you’ll never pay more than the retail price. If you fall in love with one of their items, you can even buy it out and make it your own!

Try out Live Light today

If you’re an expat and you’re looking for ways to transform your new home in the Netherlands, try Live Light! With their services, you can say goodbye to dull and empty rooms and instead say hello to a house filled with sustainable, comfortable, and convenient living.



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