Lifting lockdown leads to increase in break-ins across the Netherlands

Lifting lockdown leads to increase in break-ins across the Netherlands

The government’s decision to lift the national coronavirus lockdown earlier this month has led to a significant increase in the number of home burglaries that have taken place in the Netherlands since April.

Number of break-ins in the Netherlands increased by a third

According to data in the Burglary Barometer (InbraakBarometer), gathered by the insurance company Interpolis, 351 break-ins occurred between May 31 and June 6, compared to 258 between April 12 and April 18. The Dutch police attribute this increase to the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown.

The first steps to lift the lockdown were taken by the Dutch government on April 28, with further relaxations following in May and then again at the start of June. These relaxations saw schools and universities reopen, as well as cinemas, museums, restaurants, zoos, and theme parks

Not only do these changes mean more people are out of the house and back at work, but even those still working from home have more reasons to leave their house for extended periods of time. 

Lifting coronavirus lockdown and curfew led to more burglaries 

Sybren van der Velden, the police’s national project leader and coordinator for break-ins, highlighted the fact that a similar effect was noted after the curfew was lifted back in April when he spoke to NOS Radio 1 Journaal this week. 

"We do see an increase in the number of burglaries throughout the country," says Van der Velden. “Sometimes by five percent, but there are also places with 25 to 30 percent more burglaries." He also pointed out that rental properties are generally more vulnerable to break-ins due to lower quality locks, and reminded the public to stay alert, especially if they're planning a holiday over the summer.

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