KNAP Expat Broker: The ultimate new-build project near Amsterdam

KNAP Expat Broker: The ultimate new-build project near Amsterdam


Imagine taking a stroll through Quatrebras Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon just around the corner from your new, distinctively-designed home.

Get your dream home near Amsterdam

The new-build project “Bonheur” from KNAP Expat Broker has all the daily amenities that you need. This property makes you feel like you're living in your own village while being within cycling distance from bustling Amsterdam.

The project will have three housing types: The Ouverture Water Villa, The Grandeur Semi-Detached House, and the Avenue House - all surrounded by greenery and water.

In short: all of this pleasurable living on the outskirts of Amsterdam can be found with the listings of KNAP Expat Broker.

Why you should to start living at Bonheur

The Bonheur construction project has started! Here are a few reasons to register for one of the Bonheur properties:

  • Close proximity to Amsterdam
  • Stores and amenities within biking distance
  • Excellent accessibility (public transportation, highways, Schiphol Airport) 
  • Small-scale courtyard in a large area 
  • Part of Quatrebras Park (Walking paths, picnic areas, play park)

If you want access to the city while living among beautiful nature, then Bonheur is a great choice for you!

Quatrebras Park: At home in nature

Bonheur is part of Quatrebras Park as a new part of Badhoevedrop. It is the final phase of the project which lies at the junction of Schipholweg (N232) and the Amsterdamse Baan. KNAP Expat Broker ensures that you are close to both the village and the Dutch capital. As the earlier phases have already been completed, Quatrebras Park will soon be truly realised when you are a Bonheur resident.

The existing park in Quatrebras was given the chance to grow and it became the epicentre of the new neighbourhood. It has a large meadow and water feature, with a green focal point for the homes surrounding it.

As mentioned above, there is a park for everything you could want, including walking, playing, and even football - whatever you wish! The park is also close to an elementary school, swimming pool, petting zoo and an animal pasture.


Quatrebras Park: The district that has everything

More than 500 homes will soon constitute Quatrebras Park when the district is completed. For the most important amenities you won’t even have to go far. There will be a new shopping centre, schools and childcare centres just around the corner from your home.

Furthermore, sports can be enjoyed in the neighbourhood, as there are clubs for all sorts of things. You can also go for a delicious dinner and drink at the many restaurants in the Badhoevedorp area.

The beauty of Badhoevedorp

While living in a property from KNAP Expat Broker, you get all the conveniences of living near a big city. You can even cycle to Amsterdam on a nice day or around the pleasant Badhoevedrop area with its stunning natural backdrop.

At Bonheur, tranquillity reigns just a few kilometres outside the city - especially with Quatrebras Park nearby. Honestly, not even Amsterdam's Vondelpark can compete with this place!

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