IRIX: Architects with a passion for functional spaces

IRIX: Architects with a passion for functional spaces


Introducing IRIX

IRIX IRIX team was co-founded by Irini Xanthopoulou and Iraklis Romanopoulos. Since 2016, their practice has grown steadily through the completion of projects across the fields of architecture and interior, research, and product design. Their team of highly skilled architects work on a diverse scale, on all kinds of character projects, throughout all design phases.

A passion for functional and beautiful spaces

IRIX is focused on delivering quality and value at every stage and has a passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces. They believe in living fully and authentically, with meaning and intention. It’s about embracing design in all forms, championing the big ideas as much as sweating over the smallest of details. It’s about working collaboratively and respectfully, enjoying the process as much as the outcome.


Harmony and creativity

IRIX strives to create a space that is harmonious and true to the residents' needs, where light, analogies, function, materials, colours, and character are the main components, as each space must be focused on the comfort and the aesthetic character of its users. IRIX uses creativity to strive for elegant solutions to complex spatial conditions by finding creative translations of your wishes.





Contact IRIX

Any project scale is welcome. For more information, please check their website. If you have any questions about their services, please contact them via phone (+31 (0) 627169060) or email.

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