Move quickly and hassle-free with InstaMove

Move quickly and hassle-free with InstaMove


Many expats have been benefiting from favourable mortgage conditions and rapid price growth in the Dutch housing market. We’ve decided to look closer into two very common scenarios for the expat community: upgrading to a bigger home and relocating to another country. What do you do when you have decided to sell your home in the Netherlands?

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Buying a new house

Buying a house is a stressful and time-consuming process in a supply-constrained environment. Buying a house, selling the old one and dealing with two mortgages make things even more complicated. What are your options here?

Secure your new house first, then sell your old one

Buying first will give you enough time to do any renovations (if necessary) and you will benefit from a smooth relocation. However, it can be risky if the sale process takes longer than expected, and you end up paying double the costs during the overlap period. You will also need to show your bank that you can afford to pay your new mortgage for that period.

Start by selling your current house first

If you haven’t found your dream house yet, you may want to consider selling your current home first. In this scenario, there is a risk you will need temporary housing and move twice. The risk is exceptionally high in the current environment, where it takes longer to buy something you like.

Another consideration against this option is showing the place where you currently live to strangers. To increase the value, you would need to do prepare for a photo shoot, have a floor plan, and keep the house ready pretty much every day. At the same time, selling first reduces the risk of double ownership and makes it easier to plan your budget for the next home.

InstaMove: Solving your dilemma

InstaMove is an innovative company helping to solve this dilemma for homeowners in the Netherlands. With their help, you can sell your house as quickly as you want, without brokers, viewings and uncertainty, giving you as much time as you need to have a smooth relocation.

Anna, a young professional from Amsterdam, was a little hesitant to go with the non-traditional way of upgrading her house in the beginning. It worked out well for her, however, and she moved to a dream house with minimum hassle:

“InstaMove helped us make the right choices at the right time and managed to get us a really great result; both in buying and selling a house. They were really quick in answering all of my questions (and there were a lot) and committed to making the process run smoothly. InstaMove helped us buy the house we wanted.”

Relocating out of the country

If you’re moving to another country, usually your relocation dates are set and there is little flexibility. In this case, there is no room for delay or uncertainty. InstaMove research shows that in Amsterdam, the entire sales process from creating a listing to receiving payment takes 16 weeks on average without an agent, 11 weeks if you hire one.

However, the exact timeline may vary a lot due to several factors, such as buyers changing their minds or not being able to secure a mortgage. With InstaMove, you can get an offer for your house in just 24 hours and the whole process takes less than four weeks.

Sara, a freelancer in Rotterdam, had decided to relocate back home with her family and wanted her children to join a school in Sydney in September. It was essential to sell the house by a specific date, as everything was ready for them to move. She reached out to InstaMove and received an offer for her house within one day and eventually sold the house in less than a month.

“We were very pleased with our InstaMove experience. They made us a fair offer, were flexible with our needs, and made the whole process of selling our apartment very simple. We would happily recommend their services to anyone looking to simplify their house selling experience.”

Customer service is the main priority

Whether you’re moving abroad or just looking to buy a bigger house, it’s important to be certain you’ll not be stuck paying two mortgages and spending days showing your apartment to potential buyers. InstaMove uses artificial intelligence and the experience of local real estate professionals to determine the market value of properties. They operate differently from traditional agents and handle the entire process with customer experience being the main priority.

See what your house will sell for

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